Weekend Reading

The Curiosity

I often read more than one book at a time. It’s just my nature. Mainly because my moods change at the drop of a hat. Someone at work will make me mad or someone will email me and tell me that The Teen’s entire summer school experience was a waste, etc. You k now, THAT kind of stuff and when you get wind of news like that, your reading mood changes. So, it helps that I always have 2-3 books going.


I finished a book last night and knowing my history with finishing books, I felt the need to start another right away or I’d find myself in a reading rut. I turned the Kindle on and considered the numerous ARCs that have been begging for my attention and I settled on this book, The Curiosity.

Here’s what caught my eye right away: Reanimation.

Hello!! Come to mama! These scientists go out searching for “hard ice” and then reanimate whatever living organism they find inside. First, they start small but as the blurb of the book will tell you, they end up finding a man.

So, although I am a 2-3 book-at-a-time reader, I am paying a lot more attention to this one because the nerd in me can’t help it.

I think I will probably blow through this one over the weekend. Doesn’t it sound good?

15 thoughts on “Weekend Reading”

  1. It sounds good! I sure wish I could have a post called “weekend reading” but honestly there is no reading going on in my life here lately. I really need these kids to GO BACK TO SCHOOL. I am loving Night Film though. It is driving me mad that I can’t spend more hours with it a day. I’m not even getting much audio time, so that should give you a hint at my frustration level.

  2. The book sounds really intriguing! I’m going to check our library to see if they have it in their system. I’m one of those people that read more than one book at a time too. Usually, 1 fiction book and anywhere from 1 to 3 non-fiction books.

  3. This book sounds wicked good. 😉 I’m so glad that you’re a nerd…that makes me happy, lol.

    I commend you for being one of those more than one book at a time kind of readers. I’ve tried it. FAIL.

  4. Holy smokes, this is the novel I’m reading right now. What is the chance of that?! I’m enjoying it and half way through. Fun so far. I like Icemen I think ….

    1. It’s making me think of that horrible 80’s movie. I think it’s called Encino Man or something where the ice guy visits he 80’s. LOL.


  5. I’m never sure if I should go straight into another book or let the one I just finished percolate for a bit.

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