Spring Break 2013 – My Book Bag

Spring Break Reading 2013

No big plans for break but what IS on the list, is a small road trip and hopefully lots of reading. Here’s what’s in my bag:

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle  by Haruki Murakami (use the hashtag #winditup2013 for more info on the read-along).
More Than You Know by Nan Rossiter
When She Was Gone by Gwendolen Gross
The Dinner by Herman Koch
The Autobiography of Us by Aria Beth Sloss
Panorama City by Antoine Wilson

Don’t think it will all get read but a girl has to have options. What will you be reading this weekend?

Disclosure: This post contains Indiebound affiliate links.

21 thoughts on “Spring Break 2013 – My Book Bag”

  1. I’ve been hearing lots of mixed things about The Dinner – can’t wait to hear what you have to say! (by the way, I love the way the Otter Pup’s feet look like such a different color in this pic to the right!) (and in real life?)

    1. Her paws are a totally different color than the rest of her but right after a haircut, she seems to be mostly the same color, an ash gray.

  2. I’m interested in The Dinner too so will be glad to read your thoughts. I love the way you take enough with you to have choices…I do the very same thing…sometimes to the detriment of my shoulders in carrying my luggage :p Have fun this week!

  3. The Dinner is high on my ‘curiosity list’, too – can’t wait to hear what you think! I’ll be reading The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. this weekend. Enjoy your break 🙂

  4. I am on a rather LONG wait list for The Dinner on audio. Marie was the one that convinced me I needed to experience this book. The Wind Up Bird is going to keep me busy for my spring break. I know I should slow down and stretch it out but I can’t. I have a horrible time reading more than one book at a time.

  5. Love your options – I’ve only read two of the books on your list and I really enjoyed them (one more than the other). Autobiography of Us and WInd-Up are the two I’ve read and I’m sure you can imagine which one was my fave out of those two 🙂 By the by, how are you liking Wind-Up? Its so good!! I just got a copy of The Dinner and have been wanting to read that one, so I’m hoping to start it this weekend. Enjoy spring break and all your wonderful reads!!!

    1. Wind-up is going well. So well, that I’ve had to seriously restrict how many pages I read or I’d finish it in no time. I am really loving it but right now, I can’t really say why.

  6. I am interested in reading THE DINNER. Don’t have time to add it to my pile. Look forward to your take on it.

  7. They all look good and I have actually read most of them…can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Dinner!

  8. Have a great time! I managed not to read anything on my spring break, but last night I read all of John Green’s Looking for Alaska! Now I’m working on Rotten by Michael Northrop

  9. Read The DInner last weekend- can’t wait to see what you thought. My last 24 hours has been dominated by THE SHOEMAKERS WIFE. My advice: make sure the laundry is done, cook a few meals in advance, cancel any appointments because you are not going to want to do anything except read this book! Please try to squeeze it in!

    1. I’ve read one other book by Trigiani and it was a good one! So Shoemaker’s Wife is pretty good, huh? I must make room for it. Ti

  10. Enjoy your spring break and hope that you get lots of time to read from your book bag!

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