The Sunday Salon: Sunny and Gorgeous

Sunday Salon

When people think of Southern California, sunny days come to mind but it’s been weeks since we’ve had a really nice day to enjoy. Today, is that day. Blue sky, a warm breeze and seventy-five degree temps. Can’t stay inside on a day like this.

After a breakfast of bacon and eggs (cooked by The Girl) we hopped in the car and took a drive to Malibu. We stopped at the top of a hill, right by Pepperdine University to take this photo. I swear, I could have dived right into that water had I been closer. We checked out some shops, took in the warm sea breeze and headed back.

Now, after some burgers and fries we are back at home. The Girl is playing Just Dance 4 (which is great for getting the kids off of the couch and moving) and the boys are watching football. Me? I am about to hunker down with McEwan’s Sweet Tooth.

I’ve got tomorrow off which I am very jazzed about. I am also very jazzed about the #winditup2013 read-along I announced last week. It’s not until April but I couldn’t help blabbing about it early. We have sixteen people signed up so far! I can’t wait!

Off I go to become a slug. Happy Sunday!

29 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Sunny and Gorgeous”

  1. So glad that you finally had a great day out there. My husband (who works in the Bay Area) has been talking about the nasty weather there. Though Bay Area almost always has a different weather from the rest of California. Have a great week ahead!

  2. It’s been pretty warm here but the sun was in hiding until yesterday. We’ve been thankful for the sun! It’s supposed to turn cold and I’m going to try to remember not to whine if the sun’s out.

  3. Of course you need to get out, at 70F. I went out to the woods to look for birds just this afternoon, at -14C (that’s 6.8F!), all bundled up. The sun sure’s a great motivator. That sounds like an interesting read-along you’re hosting. Unfortunately I’m all tied up with two of my own… Hopefully some day we can read together. 😉

    1. You know what? I did mention my reading but it didn’t save it! I am reading Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan. Not at all what I expected (in a good way).

  4. Today was lovely…I told my husband, “This is not January weather!” I’m from Washington and although I’ve lived here for 13 years, I’m still not accustomed to how non-existent the winter is. No proper winter, really. Not that I like miserable cold, but seasons can be nice. =)

  5. I wish I had a day off… I need it (just maybe next week, after I have my house to myself again. I have had company here since early December, I long to sneak away and lounge with a book, much less fold laundry. 🙂

    How are you? health? Today I wrote a blog post and realized that my right arm has been cold for six months now. Then I heard a friend of a friend has been diagnosed with lung cancer (late 40’s) and I realize I can’t complain.

    Enjoy your lovely day, we had 48 today. Now a cold snap coming…

  6. I just brought Sweet Tooth home from the library the other day but haven’t started it yet. It turned really cold and windy here today. Good day to curl up under an afghan with a book!

  7. I’m so jealous of your warm weather! We’re still fogged in and frozen up here in the Willamette Valley. I was glad that you posted early about the readalong; it’s nice to have time to plan ahead, especially for a book that might otherwise intimidate. (Who am I kidding, it still intimidates, but at least I am able to know I’ll have a lot of time set aside to read it.) I am looking forward to reading it with everyone, and hopefully getting a lot more out of it that way.

    1. It will be fun to read it as a group. I know with my first book, I was wanting to talk to others while reading it but not many had read his work before.

  8. We spent Sunday with my dad for his birthday, and most of the day was spent teaching him how to use the new tablet computer we got him. It was so nice to see him, and it was just a beautiful day outside. So glad things are getting warmer for you over there, and that you had a great day outdoors. I imagine you’ve been waiting for that. I also have Sweet Tooth, and can’t wait to start it, though I might wait to see what you think before diving in!

  9. I was a slug yesterday too. Heavy blanket, fire going, lots of tea and two books. I did manage to cook dinner and make the bed. That’s about it though. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

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