Best of 2012: My Favorites

Best of 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 was a tough year of reading for me. I enjoyed many books, but when it comes to my “best of” list, the books needed to be more than just entertaining or elegantly written. They had to spark something within me. That said, some of my choices may seem odd to you but they all meant something to me at the time and they are the ones that I often think about, even now.

Here’s my list, in the order in which I read them:

1.Then Again (audio) by Diane Keaton
2.Wish You Were Here by Stewart O’Nan
3.Heft by Liz Moore
4.A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving
5.The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont
6.The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
7.The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce
8.So L.A. by Bridget Hoida
9.The Dog Stars by Peter Heller
10.The Lighthouse Road by Peter Geye
11. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami (added at the very last minute!)

Looking at this list which is is all fiction with the exception of the first title, I can honestly say that the characters won me over. Each of them complex, richly developed and memorable. If you are looking for a great read, you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Here’s to another year of great reading!

36 thoughts on “Best of 2012: My Favorites”

  1. That’s the great thing about all these lists – they’re so personal, they tell us a lot about the person who made them. The only book on your list I’ve read is A Prayer for Owen Meany and I loved it too. Happy New Year!

  2. I need to look at my 2012 reading and create a list, I think people may be surprised with my list. I didn’t review many of my personal selections this year. I’m curious to read your review for The Light between Oceans… I read this but didn’t connect to it. I LOVED The Buddha in the Attic (audio).

    Have a wonderful day, I hope you find time to relax. I’m so honored to call you friend and hope we find the opportunity to meet in 2013.

  3. Oh, Pilgrimage of Harold Fry was one of my favorites too–there was just something special about it. Like Mari (above) I did not review all my reads this year-I really struggle with reviews as I don’t tend to read with a critical eye–just for enjoyment so I feel my reviews get boring to read! Have a super New Year, Tina. 🙂

  4. My husband read Dog Stars over xmas and liked it, good recommendation from you! Also gave him Starboard Sea. Like your list.

  5. Owen Meany is such a great book; I know exactly why it made your best-of list. I’ve heard great things about Harold Fry, which is why I just recently added it to my Audible wish list for future credits. TFIOS was just amazing.

    The others are new to me; if they met your stringent requirements, I know they have to be good. I’ll be checking them out shortly!

    Happy 2013!

    1. LOL. Do you have any idea how many people attack me on Amazon because of my negative review?? I finally removed tracking because I can’t deal with ’em anymore. Some people came to defend me but then it got uglier!

  6. Heft and Unlikely Pilgrimage made my top 10 list as well. Jotted down a few from your list for the future. Here’s to a Happy 2013!

  7. I admit I’m a bit sad not to see IT on your list. 😉 Though I do agree with Best of Lists and a book sparking something within. I find that my top choices are often ones that might not make sense to others.

    Glad to see Harold Fry on your list as I just gifted it to my stepmom (I haven’t read it). And one day I WILL read Owen Meany.

    Happy New Year Ti! I’m glad we finally connected this year. Funny how King brings folks together, huh?

    1. Had IT been a first-time read for me, it would have been on there.

      So glad I meet you through IT though. Nothing like a blood thirsty clown to bring friends together 😉

    1. It’s hard for people to pick up Fault because it’s deals with cancer and young kids, etc. But it’s so hopeful and wonderful. Truly is. I can’t wait for you to read it.

  8. Characters are what make a book. It sounds like you read some great books, Ti. I want to read Peter Geye’s work. I have his first book around here somewhere. I know that was a favorite of many the year before last.

    I hope you have a great reading year this year, Ti!

  9. I so appreciate your book reviews and am excited to see this list with all the review links provided. Thanks…you do us all a great service!! I have three just waiting for me to open them up. Owen Meany, Wish You Were, and Harold Fry. Thanks for the list!! Happy New Year!

  10. Ack – see, I told you I’d make my list and then things would happen to make me question it. I forgot The Lighthouse Road!

  11. The Fault in Our Stars seems to be on EVERYONE’s list! A Prayer for Owen Meany was also one of my favorites in the year I’ve read it.

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