Run, Don’t Walk

The Avengers

I am not a movie theater gal. People bug me but if there is a big, blockbuster movie to be seen…then the only place to see it is in the theater and let me tell you, I was not disappointed by this one! First off, we went to the ArcLight which has reserved seating, superior sound and awesome picture quality. We skipped the 3D option. Since two of us in the family have the added luxury of wearing corrective lenses, having another set of lenses on top of our faces is just too much lens.

Anyway, The Avengers was fabulous! It has all the action you’ll want, not much blood and a lot of laughs. It was VERY funny. The Girl is eight and does not like anything with violence of any kind and she was cheering when Scarlett’s character, Black Widow, kicked butt. I was a film major, so the special effects matter to me more  than the average Joe but I thought the CGI was awesome. It was very well done. All of the characters were strong but Robert Downey, Jr. was probably my fave. So many funny interactions with the other characters.

Oh, and if you see it, be sure to watch all of the credits and stay for the “after” credits as there is a little bonus at the very, very end of the credits. In other words, do not leave until the screen goes dark.


14 thoughts on “Run, Don’t Walk”

  1. Yea! RDJ is my fave, and I consider him my boyfriend, though if you asked him he’d deny it. He’s not one to kiss and tell. 😉

    I always wait until the theater is a little less packed because I hate being so crowded, but I can’t wait for this one.

  2. My daughter and son-in-law saw it this weekend and she was enthusing about it too. Said to be sure and take her dad to see it. Me, I’m a superhero lover anyway. So glad to hear another thumbs up.

  3. Yes! I can’t get anyone else to understand, for some reason, that watching a 3-D movie through 2 sets of glasses is the pits. I’ve been loathe to pay to see this one but you may just have talked me into it because I do like a funny movie.

  4. I liked this movie because of how all the different superheroes were together. You are right it was funny.. where we went everyone in the theater was laughing! I’m really not into super hero movies, but I didn’t check the time once while watching this, lol.

    1. I thought the director did an excellent job playing off of everyone’s strengths. The script was way funny and the timing was spot on. I am not into action flicks unless the special effects are amazing, which they were and the heros are soft on my eyes 😉

  5. It is always good to know that, because we usually don’t stay to the very end. With one movie, The Grey, there was something right at the very end that gave you and ANSWER to what happens!!! I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, I think we will probably be seeing this movie next weekend.

  6. This is a movie that I really want to see, and will be taking the family to over the weekend. We are all sort of superhero nerds, and this one seems to have a lot to offer. Glad to hear it didn’t disappoint, and thanks for the tip about staying until the very end!

  7. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I needed to know … if a 7-year-old boy could handle this and it sounds like he can. Guess what I’m doing for Mother’s Day? Thanks for the tip about staying until the very end!!

    1. Absolutely! All of the kids under the age of 10 were utterly fascinated by the funny stuff going on. It’s clean. Very little blood… just a smidge and no language that I can remember. VERY fast paced so make sure he doesn’t drink a giant drink beforehand because you will not want to take a potty break until the movie is over!

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