The Sunday Salon: Wish List

I had an incredibly busy Sunday so instead of boring you with the details, I’ll share my Christmas wish list instead. What do you think I want for Christmas? Well, books of course! Hardback, paperback, e-book, I don’t discriminate.

Matterhorn Book Cover

Full Dark, No Stars Book Cover


How To Live Safely Book Cover

The Neighbors Are Watching Book Cover

The Water Wars Book Cover

Super Sad True Love Story Book Cover

There are others. Yes, there are always others but it’s late, and I’m tired so my list is short. I don’t think there is anything quite as perfect as a book for Christmas but I never seem to get any.

Hope you all had nice weekends. Southern California is having a little bit of a rain storm right now. Everyone has gone to bed and here I am typing and listening to the rain outside. It’s the first bit of quiet I’ve had all day. I’m tempted to sit here and enjoy it a bit but I know I will be wiped out at work tomorrow if I do. So, off to bed I go. Good night (or Good Morning) depending on when you read this.

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Wish List”

    1. Well, if non-book related wishes were a part of this list then a barista would most definitely be at the top, followed by a maid and a personal chef.

    1. Thank you! I have three Christmas parties to attend this week but I’ve decided to only hit one. I love a good party but I get a lil crazy when I don’t have any down time.

  1. Most of those title look to frightening for me. I can watch a scary/suspenseful movie from time to time but can’t read the book.

    Sorry to hear it’s raining – hopefully your yard needs it though. It’ 35 here but with the windchill it’s about 10. Thank goodness this is my day off from running.

  2. Are you close to San Diego? That’s where my son is at right now…I think about him 24-7 and wonder if he’s warm at night 😀

    I love books for Christmas too and always get a gift card here and there which I then just want to keep and not spend for some crazy reason!!

    1. San Diego is about 2hrs south of me but has very mild weather this time of year. Your son should be plenty warm. I love San Diego.

  3. Love the list, Ti! I just finished reading the King book and loved it! Definitely a great read! I have Matterhorn on my wish list, too 🙂

    Hope those books make it under your tree.


  4. Mmmm…I am lovin’ the list…especially Water Wars…I hope you got some rest…and are chillaxing and dreaming of a huge gift pile of lovely books…

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