Oprah's Book Club

Oprah announces her book club pick today (as if you didn’t know). I think this is about the only time that I watch Oprah. I used to love her show but there was one show where she blasted a major hotel chain for not allowing her to bring her dogs with her. I could see how a dog lover could take offense to that, but she claimed that she was Oprah, and therefore, the hotel should have made an exception. Ever since that episode, I have been lukewarm over Oprah.


The books that are chosen for her book club are usually discussion-worthy. Some might say depressing, but I think all of them have been pretty good picks for the most part. So, what’s she going to pick today? Some say she is going to pick this…


I don’t know. There’s been a lot of buzz over this book, and supposedly, someone leaked a photo of this cover with the Oprah seal on it, but I don’t know. She wasn’t too pleased with Franzen’s previous statements about her show and after all, she IS Oprah (don’t you forget it). What do you think? You think she is willing to go down that path again?

If you think she is going to pick another book, then which one? I am horrible as guessing these things but it would be fun to see what you think.

UPDATE: Yep! She picked Freedom! It’s already posted on her website.

23 thoughts on “Anticipation”

    1. Are you kidding me? What kind of friend is that? LOL. She must LOVE Oprah to be so loyal. I am pretty sure I will read it no matter what the book is, but depending on what it is, I may not read it right away. I loved when she picked East of Eden and we read it over the course of several weeks. I know some of it is her but a lot of it is her staff and they do a good job of picking books (in my opinion).

  1. OMG! I would have to strangle my friend! LOL I would say go through her receipts but I think they are all given the book, right? I can’t wait. I love when she unveils the new book but then I always say, “Ugh, I don’t want to read that” I didn’t start reading Oprah’s books until she “brought back” her book club after a long hiatus. She started with East of Eden and I fell in love with that book. I don’t think I’ve ever found an Oprah Pick to be so good since then. Hopefully it’s a good one =)

  2. I think it will be this book as well, even though he snubbed her with Corrections. I ‘m looking forward to reading it.

  3. I kind of have an attitude towards the whole Oprah book club thing (even though, yes, I’ve read a few of them). I don’t like the idea of ten billion people reading the same thing…I like to be reading some undiscovered treasure. Still, I will be interested to see which author wins the lottery. She picked The Corrections, didn’t she? Would she pick another book from the same author? Do you think she might go down the path of something like “Never Let Me Go” because of the movie? Or “One Day”?

  4. I knew it! I knew she was going to pick Freedom! It’s actually a nice thing to do in her last year of the show–heal the big rift and make Franzen look like less of a jerk! Good ol’ Oprah 🙂

  5. Freedom sounds like a great read. I wonder if this is an olive branch between Oprah & Franzen over their previous debacle with The Corrections. Hope Freedom is better as I wasn’t entirely sold on The Corrections. I like his writing style but hate his characters! Weird, eh? 😀

  6. Well…one thing is certain…it won’t have any werewolves or fairies in it…I think the Jonathon Franzen book, too…but it is getting tons of hype and it is her kind of book…I am not an Oprah fan…I watch every once in a while but I have a really difficult time watching the women in her audience…it is just too scary to see grown women cry over Oprah and anything she touts…She is responsible for Nate…the decorating guy having a show and I noticed that today’s topic is how to decorate after a divorce and Elizabeth Edwards is a guest…do we really need this?

    1. I think it’s important to support strong women, so I give her credit for that. She’s made quite a name for herself, but it’s the holier than thou/ King Midas thing that bugs me. Everything she touches turns to gold. I mean, the woman can bring down the entire beef industry just with one comment. Did you see the clips from the show where she gave her super fans the Australia vacation complete with John Travolta and her ever-loving self?

  7. A gesture of reconciliation. 🙂

    I remembered the days when the over-ambitious Oprah (who has such high expectation on her book club members) picked books like Anna Karenina and One Hundred Years of Solitude but didn’t get much reverberation.

    I’ve always been a fan of Franzen so I ran to the store and get this…yes, a hardback!

    1. That’s the other thing… aren’t her picks usually in PB? I think this is the first hardback selection. It’s only fifteen and change on B&N if you buy online so at least the cost has come down.

  8. Whatever the critiques of Oprah’s book selection she has gotten a lot of people to read period. And she has gotten a lot of people (like my mother) to pick up books they never would have thought of reading. Having seen the Oprah episode where she announced it, I was a little interested to hear that Franzen sent her a galley of the book himself. Sounds like he wanted to be picked again.

  9. I am ready to read an Oprah book. My book club met and came together as a result fo East of Eden. We re-read it for our five year anniversary. It is always fun to see what she is going to pick.

    I love dogs..but you know…I have to agree with you on being luke warm with the O comments sometimes. I have never regularly watched the show except the book stuff… but I do enjoy it (hubby… is a fan and he records and watches at night…I peek in occasionally…

    Have a great week.

  10. Ti, I am very disappointed in this pick by Oprah. Not that I read any of the books she gets behind. There IS such a thing as an ‘Oprah book’ and I am just not interested in reading it. But that’s a comment for another day. I am disappointed because she could have used her pick to really light a fire under a lesser known author and brought a lesser known book into the limelight. Instead she picks a book that’s already been heralded as the greatest thing since soup. Disappointing.

  11. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. Publisher was out of arc’s so I had to wait like everybody else. But it was worth the wait. I read it before Oprah gave it her stamp of love. I loved The CORRECTIONS. Loved it. Before Oprah even knew it existed. FREEDOM is wonderful, and I think a better written book, but THE CORRECTIONS is my fav. Both terrific, though.

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