Thrity Thursdays! AKA “The Space Between Us” Read-Along – Week 4

The Space Between Us

Welcome to Thrity Thursday, also known as “The Space Between Us” read-along. We’ll be reading the book over the next few weeks. Thanks to Lisa for putting it together and thanks to these other bloggers for joining in on the fun!

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Staci at Life In The Thumb
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Mari at Bookworm With A View

Chapters 16-20

My Synopsis:

My hope is that after this read-along, some of you will get a copy of this book and read it on your own. Since that is my wish, my synopsis isn’t a play-by-play account of what I’ve read, but just a high-level overview of what took place. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. With that said…

In this week’s reading, we learn what happened to Bhima’s family. Particularly her husband Gopal, and her son Amit. From earlier chapters, it’s clear that Gopal and Bhima love each other, but after an accident at work, the family feels the strain of Gopal’s injury and the added pressure to make ends meet brings out the worst in Gopal.

Sera and Feroz’s influence is what saves Gopal’s life, but their influence is not able to prevent the gradual decline that further stresses Bhima and the family.

My Thoughts:

The decline of Bhima’s family is just heartbreaking. She tries so hard to provide a good life for her family, yet her struggle to do so is outweighed by Gopal’s inability to function as the family’s provider. As you can imagine, the ability for a man to provide for his family is a matter of pride and without it, the man is left feeling completely useless. Such is the case with Gopal. On the one hand, I was frustrated with Gopal, but on the other, I could totally relate to his predicament.

As the story progresses, I find myself more and more frustrated with Maya. She’s young and educated yet she comes across as being a bit of an airhead. Her questions to Bhima border on “irritating” and she doesn’t seem capable of reading between the lines. As the story comes to a close, my hope is that she comes full circle and learns something from the mistakes she’s made and appreciates how hard her grandmother works to keep them together.

9 thoughts on “Thrity Thursdays! AKA “The Space Between Us” Read-Along – Week 4”

    1. I know what you mean. I read the entire book that 2nd week and then wrote up all of the posts ahead of time. I just couldn’t stop reading it.

  1. i’m not playing along with this read-along but wanted to stop by and let you know that i picked up a copy of ‘the stand’ while visiting a family member at the hospital. the book was in the ‘family room’ area and was one of only a few novels there. as a karma-type thing, on my next visit i brought a suitcase filled with books to bulk up the shelves. 🙂

    i’ll let you know how i like ‘the stand’–i’m reading it purely on your recommendation, ti!!

    1. Excellent!! I am almost through with my re-read of The Stand and will post my thoughts on 9/21, King’s Bday! It’s been a heck of a ride. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. As I am reading this book, I keep thinking of Maya as being several years younger than she is! I understand your frustration with her. I don’t feel that way. I think she is really confused about life. Bhima hasn’t talked to her about many of the things that have happened in the family, although she’s finally beginning to, and I think Maya’s tendency is to seek the only place she really feels safe – within the 4 walls of her home with Bhima. I wish Bhima would make Maya return to school though!

    I really enjoy reading your thoughts on the chapters, Ti. You give me much to ponder!
    ~ Amy

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