My Date with Stephen King

The Stand Graphic 2

One of King’s best books to date is (in my opinion), The Stand. In my college days, I read them all. Some were more readable, but The Stand is the one that stayed with me all these years. After reading The Passage, which arguably was very similiar in theme, I just found myself wanting to read The Stand again, so I am kicking off the start of summer by re-reading this epic novel and today is the day!

I’m not alone. Two other bloggers are doing it with me (Jill and Michele). This isn’t a formal read-along because sometimes with a book of this size, a formal read-along just seems like too much work. I just want to have fun re-living the world that King created. I will blog about my thoughts here and there but what I’m hoping, is that the book is just as wonderful as it was when I read it in my much younger days.

There probably won’t be too many nights where I stay up all night to read it because let’s face it, those days are gone, but I look forward to getting to know King again. So pardon me if I spout off about King for the next month or so. For those that have never read King before, perhaps you’ll want to, after our little, summer rendezvous. You think?

22 thoughts on “My Date with Stephen King”

  1. Is it worth it to get the expanded version with the extra 400 or so pages that had been cut from the original? i have read the original and agree that it is one of the best books I ever read.

    1. I am going to be reading the uncut version this time. I read an interview with Stephen King and he said that the book was cut due to cost alone, so it’s always been his opinion that the 400 pages belong in the book and that they are in fact a vital part of the book. I just assumed it was cut to make it more succinct, cost never occurred to me.

    1. LOL. As you know, I read like 4 books at once so a month is what I am shooting for but it will most likely be much less than that.

  2. YOu might find it fun to watch the movie when you are done. For a TV flick, it really isn’t bad at all. We own the DVD and watch it once every year or so. But guess what? There is a set of graphic novels for The Stand! Molly (The Bumbles) is buying the first one for me for my birthday, so I will make sure and read it and review it during the month too! I’m so excited I can’t stand it.

  3. I have loved THE STAND for too many years to count. I read it first when I was in college in the ’70’s. I have it on my Kindle, but don’t think I want to do a reread right now. I did notice that the mini-series they did of it (with Molly Ringwald and Gary Sinese) is on the SciFi Channel this coming Friday. I’ve never seen it. Think I will DVR it and watch it. Good luck with your reading, Ti!

  4. When I was first married, I rode the bus downtown to work everyday which made for great amounts of reading time. I only lived 1/2 block from the bus stop so I didn’t even have to come out of my book haze for long when I got home. I was on a King spree in those days so one week I was reading “Cujo.” I was really wrapped up in it one day and came straight home and kept reading. Dusk fell. Then the neighbor’s dog started barking and I literally screamed! I was so caught up in that book!

  5. I would love to re-read this one, but the length right now is too daunting.
    If when I get out of school I change my mind, I’ll join in. It is a tempting re-read though. Have fun.

  6. i had a fling with s. king back in high school. i read tons of his books (mostly the newer stuff) and had a chance to go to a reading he did at radio city music hall with j.k. rowling and john irving a few years back. incidentally, he and irving were much better public speakers!

    i’ve gotten back into king–audio books–recently. i listened to ‘the cell’, ‘lisey’s story’, and ‘under the dome’, which was an epic saga–30 discs, i think!

    i’ve never read ‘the stand’ but i’ll see if my library has it on audio!

    1. I knew you read King back in the day but what? No Stand? You simply must get it whether it’s in book or audio form.

  7. I have never read any Stephen King (with the exception of On Writing) but since the release of Under the Dome I have been thinking it is time to start. I heard that under the Dome was not his best, maybe The Stand should be the beginning of my King reading? Or is there a better place to start.

    1. My suggestion would be to start with the classic King books. The ones he wrote in the earlier part of his career. The Stand, IT, Tommyknockers, etc. I think most King fans agree that The Stand is probably his best book. I would definitely read The Stand before Dome. Dome by the way was pretty good but a tad too long.

  8. I’ve read lots of Stephen King in the 80’s and 90’s, but never The Stand. I MUST have been intimidated by it’s girth!

    BTW…I just started the audio version of The Passage yesterday (on chapter 2) and wow –fabulous reader (Scott Brick) and I am hooked early on. (25 discs).

  9. The Stand also is one of my favorites. If I weren’t already committed to half a dozen other books, I would join you.

    My wife recently just read Under The Dome and said it’s one of his best, although she admits she liked The Stand better that Under The Dome, of course.

    I also did like the TV mini-series that was made of the movie. Very well-done, I thought, but nothing compares to the book.

    Personally, I think King is a horrible writer, but as a storyteller, he can’t be beaten. I just imagine an old man at a campfire getting ready to tell you a story whenever I sit down to read one of his books, and then I’m usually hooked.

    1. I think you said it best. The writing is certainly nothing to write home about but man, can he tell a story. I’ve finished a few chapters so far and it’s sure taking me back.

  10. I read The Stand in high school and loved it. I remember being freaked out for a long time after. The last one I read by him was Tommyknockers and I hated it so very much that I haven’t read anything since.

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