Fancy That! – New Feature

Fancy That! Button

Last week I was thinking about how I’ve gotten to know so many of you through your love of reading but it occurred to me that although many of you have gotten to know me pretty well via Facebook, there are still quite a few of you that probably don’t know too much about me besides my taste in books. So, I’ve decided to create a new feature.

I’m calling it…

Fancy That!

I’m not committing myself to posting on a given day because I want to keep it completely open so that I can just post my thoughts as they happen. Scary! So whenever you see this button, you can bet that the post is going to contain some random tidbit about what I am thinking at the moment. Most likely, that random tidbit will be related to reading, blogging or something in between but it might contain anything. Hopefully what you read won’t prompt you to run away screaming.

Please don’t run away screaming.

19 thoughts on “Fancy That! – New Feature”

  1. This will be fun, I’m sure (kind of like my “Tuesday Tangents” – which sometimes show up on Thursdays, so I guess I’m not super-committed to a specific day either). I’ll look forward to it!

  2. I will be looking forward to seeing the dandelion! 🙂 I am very envious about all the fun you have planned for next weekend–wish I lived down there. Happy Sunday!

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