Book Fair Fun and Moby is Stalking Me

Last night I worked the school’s book fair. I always have a fun time doing it and as you can see, my little “helper” had fun too. Fifty-five bucks later…

Anyway, after completing the Moby Dick Monday read-along, I’ve noticed Moby everywhere I look. The movie has been on a few times and I’ve seen several newish versions of the book that I haven’t seen before AND the names Ishmael and Ahab keep making their way into my daily conversation.

Last night I came across this version at the book fair:  

Yes, it’s geared towards the younger reader but the illustrations are wonderful:

Look at him. He’s staring at me. That’s the Ahab that I know and love. The one that haunts me. Um, yeah.

I’m thinking of taking on another classic. I haven’t decided which one yet. The list is long and my review pile beckons me but as soon as I’m caught-up, I’ll come up with a short list, and then a short-short list because half the fun of reading it figuring out what to read next.

18 thoughts on “Book Fair Fun and Moby is Stalking Me”

  1. I miss book fairs and my kids being that age. I always spent at leat $50! Between the books for the three kids and I always bought a book for each teacher, it did get expensive. But so much fun!

    1. You mentioned that a bit ago. Are you going to have a read along for Wuthering? I have the book all ready and waiting. Just need the motivation to read it.

  2. I read a classic every year for my book club and one for me. I’m reading Anna Karenina this year (last year The Canterbury Tales).

    I haven’t read Moby Dick… in any form – I was so scared from pinnochio!

    Can’t wait to see what you read next 🙂

    1. Haha! So many are traumatized from Pinnochio.

      There is a lot of whale talk in Moby but not a whole lot of Moby himself.

      I was reading Anna K myself but got sidetracked.

  3. I was at my youngests’ book fair today (I’m a worker bee there but run the middle school fair for my older crew). I amassed quite a pile of books to purchase when it officially opens next week. The big embarrassment of the day though was that since the theme was a pajama party, I had to walk out of school in front of the entire carpool line in fuzzy slippers and my jammies. At 2pm in the afternoon. Now that’s mortifying! And I get to do it once next week too.

    1. That would be a tad embarrassing but it also sounds like a lot of fun 🙂 Our book fair was out of everything that I wanted to pick-up for myself so I picked-up some stuff for the girl but the boy said he didn’t see anything.

  4. LOL That happens to me sometimes. I’ll have just finished a book and I’ll see references to it or its characters everywhere. The illustrated children’s version of Moby Dick sounds more up my alley than the actual novel. 😉

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