The Sunday Salon: I. Love. Long. Weekends.

I have a furlough day on Monday so this is a three-day weekend for me. I love long weekends. I mean, who doesn’t? After our tax appointment today, we decided to check out a bookstore that I had never been to before. The Flintridge Bookstore and Coffee House was damaged last year when a big rig slammed into a car and then ran through the front of the bookstore. Unfortunately, two people were killed in that accident. However, the bookstore re-opened and it’s one of the most charming bookstores that I’ve been to in awhile.

We had the best time. I picked up a copy of Catching Fire and two, really neat bookmarks. Here’s a close-up of the bamboo bookmark and you’ll see why I like it so much:

As for today, it’s Valentine’s Day and we may head up to the snow. I’d be perfectly fine just hanging around here. I’ve been so burned out lately that a day at home sounds wonderful to me, but it probably won’t happen. For dinner, I think the plan is to order some Chinese food.

Later on I plan to write-up my last Moby Dick Monday post. Yep, I finished it! I can’t tell you how glad I am. Right now I am actively reading The Weight of Heaven and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I will probably crack open Catching Fire too now that I have it in my hands.

Also, I read this post over at Redlady’s Reading Room about adding your blog to the Kindle store. I went right over and signed up, but then aborted the process when I read the terms and conditions. I’m not sure I like how it’s worded but it pretty much says that Amazon can use the content any way they like and that you have to conform to a regular posting schedule, etc. I post regularly but something about HAVING to do it turned me off.

If you’re a blogger, is your blog listed at the Kindle store? My settings are saved right now until I can think about this a bit more.

21 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: I. Love. Long. Weekends.”

  1. Sounds like a great day yesterday, as long as you don’t owe $$ to the iRS…LOL

    I thought about adding my blog for the Amazon Kindle option, but then I thought …why would someone want to pay $1.99 to read my blog when they can do it for free…LOl

    Have a great week Ti.

  2. I just finished Catching Fire and wrote a review today. I’ll be interested in your thoughts Ti! The bookstore you visited sounds lovely, sad about the crash and deaths though. You’d think one is safe in a bookstore but accidents can occur anywhere. Love your bookmarks!

    With adding your blog to the Kindle store, you can choose how often you post, it doesn’t have to be daily. As you go through the process there is a box to check off if it is daily or two other options. I understood that you own the copyright as the publisher and Amazon publishes your blog on the kindle and it protects that copyright through them not that they own your work.

  3. I love long weekends too! It does take me away from my routine, but it is fun to have several days to play!

    I do not have my blog listed with Kindle. I don’t like the idea of “having” to do anything. I am usually pretty consistent, but if something comes up, I don’t want the committment.

  4. Enjoy your long weekend! I love those bookmarks you got. I listed my blog on amazon after reading Bonnie’s post, but so far no one’s subscribed. I’m not sure why they would when they can get it for free on the internet.

  5. I love the banned books bookmark! I’m using one right now that has similar writing on it, but is flimsy paper (and over a year old, so it’s seen better days – yet it’s still one of my favorites).

    Congrats on finishing Moby Dick!

  6. Enjoy you’re long weekend, and big congratulations on finishing Moby Dick!! Sounds like you’ve got a couple other great books going, and I love the bookmark.

  7. I don’t think I’d list my blog for Kindle for the same reason that several others mentioned – they can still get it for free online. And I’d be inclined to think most people who would read blog posts on a portable device are probably more likely to use a smartphone than an e-reader. Just my take, though.

    I’m glad that the Flintridge Bookstore has reopened – I remember reading about the accident last year. I haven’t been there yet, but it might be a nice place for a SoCal book blogger meet-up :-).

    I have a three-day weekend too – my office actually closes for Presidents Day. Yay! Enjoy your extra day off.

    1. The coffee house looked pretty good too although I didn’t partake in any of the treats. I don’t know how it was before the accident but it’s super nice now.

  8. I hope you are enjoying your day off! That’s a fantastic bookmark you bought, the bamboo one, I love that! I’m going to look around NYC for a similar one. I have yet to read The Hunger Games but hope too this year. I figure with so many people enjoying it, it must be a good read!

    I hadn’t thought about signing my blog up at the kindle store. But I don’t like what you said about the terms & conditions. I don’t like that they can use the content any way they like or that I’d have to post on any type of a regular schedule. I couldn’t commit to that now anyway, but just the fact of being regulated that way and not haveing control over how my content is used makes my lawyer hackles stand up. lol

    I hope you get to relax some today, Ti!
    ~ Amy

  9. Having a longer weekend is the one good thing about the furloughs, I’ll give it that. I am glad you enjoyed your weekend! Did you end up going to play in the snow? I understand preferring to stay home–sometimes that’s all I feel up to doing after a busy week.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti!

    1. Nope. We didn’t go to the snow. I was too much of a slug and sort of in a crabby mood so we hung around at home. I was in much better spirits come evening.

  10. I love the bookmark! I hope you enjoy your reading time. I didn’t get much reading done yesterday so hopefully today I will. I’m so impressed that you kept up to Moby Dick and finished it!

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