The Sunday Salon: This and That

This day flew by for me. The Hub had to work so I was on my own with the kids and that meant the usual distractions (homework, messy rooms, a pile of laundry, and bickering siblings). All in all, a typical Sunday! Even with the rainy weather,  my daughter and I took a long walk and managed to get home before it started to really pour.

Right now I am preparing dinner and reading snippets of The Hunger Games in between pot stirring. I am also watching Cinderfella, a Jerry Lewis movie from way back. My kids have grown to love his movies. They get such a kick out of his antics. I do, too. It’s a nice change from Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.

After dinner, I plan to read a bit more but not for too long because the premiere of 24 is tonight. Jack is back! I hope this season is better than last season though. I’m hoping for a lot of action this time around. Last season was a bit of a snooze.

Anyway, hope you all had a lovely Sunday. Southern California has 6 days of rain ahead of us so we’ll see how this affects the burn areas as well as traffic. I’m off tomorrow so one more day of relaxation and then back to work I go.


14 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: This and That”

  1. Perhaps our dreary rain has finally moved on. Days and days of it. That and a miserable cold freed up hours and hours of reading time for me.

    I’m happy the rain is gone and the cold is leaving.

  2. I don’t get the day off tomorrow but it is nice to have the kids off so that my Sunday does not include homework yelling. Hope you get just enough rain to get things green but not so much to make things dangerous.

  3. I’m not looking forward to commuting in the rain nearly all week either. It’ll be quite a test for my new car :-).

    We’re sitting out 24 this season, but will probably buy it on DVD and watch it all straight through this summer. I’m going to miss Jack, but we have so much TV going on right now we’re having trouble keeping up as it is – and of course, that also means less reading time :-(.

  4. Laundry! I knew I forgot to do something today. I’m looking forward to the rain, although not so much the driving in it or the possible mudslides and flooding.

    My husband and I have only seen the first two seasons of 24. We have some catching up to do.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti!

  5. Hope that you enjoyed your day and extra day off. We love the old Jerry Lewis movies also and should watch more of them. My son likes the old Honeymooners shows, Leave it to Beaver and Addams Family. Those were fun shows. I’m going to pick up a copy of Hunger Games at the library this week.

  6. I read “The Hunger Games” this past weekend on vacation. It wasn’t as great as I expected but it was pretty good. I think all the hype about it kind of made me expect more.

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