The Sunday Salon: Life. Rushing. At. Me.

It’s. Sunday. Already.

It’s been a busy weekend as I was out of town and just got back a little bit ago. We took a short trip to Palm Desert. It wasn’t quite long enough as we left on New Year’s Day. Perhaps we should have left the day before but I didn’t want to be on the road with all of the holiday traffic. We visited with family, we ate, I read, and we ate some more. Let me tell you, eating is highly overrated. In a week, remind me that I said that as I am doing another round of The Game On Diet. I know. I’m a glutton for punishment.

In between my eat-fest, I did manage to buy this beautiful little book:

The Brontë Sisters (Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights & Agnes Grey)

Monday is my last day off and then I am back at work. I am so not looking forward to going back. We are in the middle of some sort of re-org. I had to change offices right before the holiday so who knows what they have up their sleeves this time. I lost my personal office space. No more carpet picnics for me. I’m very sad about that. I have a much bigger space now but it’s a CUBE and well, a cubical just isn’t the same as having a door to close whenever I feel like it. I suppose I’ll make do. Oh and the worst of it is that they wouldn’t allow me to take my bookshelf so I have no place to put my books. That’s hitting a girl where it hurts.

So, in anticipation of a horrible work week, I am going to spend Monday being a slug, well, except for my 20-minutes of required Game-On exercise. I am finishing up Finn for my book club meeting which is this Thursday. I am also reading The Things That Keep Us Here, Moby Dick (cannot forget that!) and I am beginning The Awakening.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I just cannot believe that my two weeks off are coming to an end.

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Life. Rushing. At. Me.”

  1. Enjoy that last day off, Ti!!

    I am getting more and more nervous about game on diet as the time draws near. I sure hope I don’t let me team down!

  2. Good luck with the Game On Diet! You can do it!

    A few years ago, I moved from an office to a cubicle and, oh, was it ever a squeeze. I had so many manuals and books that I couldn’t keep because of the smaller space.

    Take care, Ti! I hope you have a great week despite the changes at work.

  3. I hope work goes okay! You deserve to be a slug with cube-ness coming up! (cubicalness? cubicality? cube-life?) But it sounds like you’ve got some great books going on, and your team will be there for you to offer support for anything!!!

    1. Thank you. At least my cube is very private and twice the size of my office. I should have no trouble checking out blogs in between projects. Shhhh.

  4. That book is so beautiful. I have the Bronte Sisters Collection but it is just nice green and gold collector book with the gold leafing.

    Oh I am so sorry about the Cube. and Lord how dare they mess with your book shelf?

    Hang in there. A trip to Palm Desert does sound nice though.

    Happy Monday…I am back at the desk..talking to customers..and working the grind tomorrow.. YUCK YUCK..

  5. Lovely cover on that new book Ti.

    Sorry your new work situation is less than ideal, but hopefully it won’t be too bad once things are more settled.

  6. Enjoy your day before returning to work. I’m at home with my son due to a snow day…we have about 2 feet of snow here! Palm Desert sounds really nice to me right now…warmth and sun!! Good luck with the game on diet and the changes at work. You have a lot on your plate…take care!

  7. I’m being quite slug-like myself, today, as it’s the end of my 5 days off. 😦 It’s back to cube-land for me, too. There will be much whining tonight.

    And, you know, I never got Dilbert until I started working in a cubicle.

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