The Sunday Salon: Goodbye Halloween! Hello Thanksgiving!


It’s been a fun-filled weekend for sure but I am ready for some downtime. We kicked off the weekend with a school festival which was a lot of fun. Yesterday we hit a friend’s house for a  Halloween party which was also a lot of fun. Trick-or-Treatin’ with others is just more fun than doing it on your own. We saw a lot of wonderful costumes this year. People really went all out. Oh, and the food at the party was really good too. We brought tamales but there were tacos and enchiladas and chips and salsa and oh, all sorts of good stuff.  YUM.

I also watched quite a few scary movies this year. I LOVE a good scary movie. I made popcorn and had a little thriller-fest once the kids hit the sack.

Sunday Salon

Now for the book talk! This past week I reviewed The Return as part of a TLC book tour. I also reviewed The Girl Who Played with Fire. Yesterday I posted my confession on my troubles with Moby Dick.

This week I plan to review some non-fiction books that I received a couple of months ago. I have to catch-up on my book club reading as my meeting is this week and I am still quite behind with In the Time of the Butterflies. I must-get-it-read.

What are you doing today? Recovering? Pulling out your fave Thanksgiving recipes? Making your list and checking it twice? I am sooo into Holiday mode right now.

14 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Goodbye Halloween! Hello Thanksgiving!”

    1. You wanna hear something horrible? His shirt was covered with fake blood but it was covered with real blood by the end of the night as he had a terrible nosebleed!

  1. Oh, I was away this past week so I will have to go back and read your review of The Girl Who Played With Fire! We went to friends house last night for trick-or-treating then a big seafood feast (Ipswich clams and lobster!). My poor stomach! But it is worth it! Today we were all the mall running errands, and can you believe they are setting up the big Christmas tree and Santa’s stuff? Good Lord, let us think about Thanksgiving for a couple weeks!

  2. Your weekend sounds wonderful! I love a good Halloween party when people really get into the costume aspect of it. Trick or Treating with other people is more fin, I agree. But my favorite part of Halloween is the scary movies, I love to turn out the lights and watch them!

    Your daughter looks adorable and so pretty in her costume! I hope she got lots of yummy candy!

    November 1st is the beginning odf the holidays for me although i like to take it slow and spend November thinking of Thanksgiving and what I have to be thankful for.’Enjoy your Sunday, Ti!

  3. First off-I just noticed the email in your comment box for me was wrong, so I fixed it. Could be why emails weren’t getting to me!
    Second of all, your kids are adorable!
    Thirdly, I just want to share that I pulled the Christmas cd’s out!

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