Confessions of a Reader


UPDATE: This has been changed to a monthly feature and will take place the first Saturday of each month.

I don’t normally post on Saturdays so I thought I would add a Saturday post to my posting non-schedule (because I really don’t care for schedules), but I want it to be sort of fun and unstructured so I am doing something that I will call Confessions of a Reader. This will be a meme of sorts and October 3rd will be my first post.

What will the post consist of? Well, confessions. Things that I would normally keep to myself. An example might be a rant about a book that I am reading or I may decide to share a deep, dark secret regarding my reading habits, etc. Anything related to book or blog reading. The goal is to get to know one another so if you’d like to join in, come by on Saturday and post your confession via Mister Linky (if I can get it to work).

If I have enough participation we’ll do this every Saturday. I think it might be fun. What do you think? Some of the best comments I get are from offline conversations, meaning…not via blog comments so feel free to bare it all.

20 thoughts on “Confessions of a Reader”

  1. I like this idea Ti. I am horribly inconsistent with memes, just really bad, but I look forward to your confessions!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! I've sworn off memes (mostly) at the moment, but this one sounds like something I might want to do every now and then!

  3. This sounds like an interesting one, and although I don't usually post anything on Saturdays I may participate in this one.

  4. Ti, you are encouraging my bad behavior! I usually save Saturday for my award posts and stuff, plus I am normally knee deep in kid sports. Still, if I have something weighing on my mind, I promise to share. I like the way you think!

  5. It sounds like a great idea! I'll try to participate if I can but I'm totally erratic when it comes to regular memes. I'll go for awhile and then forget or just run out of time. Will you have topics that we all post on at the same time or just everyone writes about their own thing?

  6. This is a great idea, love it. Now I just need to remember to come by. I am forever confusing the days of memes or forgetting them…don't take this personally please!

  7. I will be checking out what you have to say. Not sure if I have any dark confessions though….hmmmm….I will have to think about that one.

  8. This is a great idea. I might be a sporatic participant. I don't usually blog on Saturdays but I could easily pre-write it. I do have one rant saved up, but was planning to use it for a Sunday Salon.

  9. This sounds really fun. I agree with you – there are some really great conversations started through comments or ideas spurred from reading a blog post. I think there must be something about sitting at a computer for hours at a time that makes people more insightful.

  10. I really like this idea especially about the option to rant since I usually keep those to myself and rarely include in reviews. Look forward to popping by on Saturday.

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