Then and Now: Happy Birthday E1!

It’s my son’s 11th birthday today so I am taking a walk down memory lane. He was only 18-months-old in this picture. He always looked much older than his age.

He was into Hawaiian shirts at the age of 2. Watch out Tom Selleck.

At the age of 3, he was beginning to tire of my picture habit.

Then at 4, he got sweet again.

Fast forward a bit. This is my fave “Mom, take the pic” pic.

This was at a school performance. He HAD to smile so I took advantage of the moment.

In his ensemble costume for The Music Man.

Dressed as “The Constable” for The Music Man.

To me, he still looks the same but with more hair. Happy 11th Birthday Buddy! We love you!

16 thoughts on “Then and Now: Happy Birthday E1!”

  1. How lovely! I love seeing kids "grow up" via photos! He's a good looking boy — watch out! The girls will be coming soon!

  2. My son Eric always looked older than his age too. He's 15 now and just got his first girlfriend. Oh dread.

    Hug him while you can 🙂

  3. Great post Ti. Happy Belated Birthday to your son! My goodness he is going to break some hearts with those eyes and eye lashes. Why do boys always get the gorgeous eyelashes? lol.

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