Review: Tea for Ruby

My daughter received some Christmas loot from Santa and I was pleased as punch when she told me that she wanted to spend some of it on books. She ended up with quite a few books but the one that really caught her eye is Tea For Ruby by Sarah Ferguson (yep..The Duchess). The illustrations are done by Robin Preiss Glasser of Fancy Nancy fame.

It opens with Ruby receiving an invitation to have tea with The Queen. Each page depicts her excitement over the upcoming event, but the story also provides a sweet reminder of proper manners, proper dress, etc. I love books like this because they are fun to read yet provide a little refresher on manners as well.

Tea For Ruby is a simple, sweet story but the illustrations are beautifully done. Very girly with a lot of details. This would be a great book for girls between the ages of 3-6. If you want to make it a real reading “event” brew up some tea and sit down to enjoy it. That’s what we did and I am guessing it is what we’ll do each time we pull it out.

4 thoughts on “Review: Tea for Ruby”

  1. What an adorable looking book. Nona has passed this age and I really miss it! 😦 Now she and I are reading the same books. Feels weird.

  2. My first thought when I saw that cover was that it looks a lot like the Fancy Nancy books. I LOVE those illustrations!!!Shana< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Literarily<>

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