Feels Like a Monday

I had an interesting day yesterday. I stayed home from work. I had a headache from all the residual smoke. We were not directly affected by this round of wildfires except for the smoke but my head was not having any of it so I stayed home.

The rest of my day went like this:

1. Took Kidlet #1 to see a specialist about something that was discovered at his physical.

2. Was promptly told by the receptionist that “we” went to the wrong office. Had to drive all the way across town to get to the “right” office even though I confirmed the location beforehand.

3. We arrive at the other office. Guess what? The doctor does not work Mondays.

4. Went to yet another office to file a complaint with a patient advocate. She tries to re-schedule the appt but guess what? There are no appointments until February.

5. I get mad. Patient advocate tells me that she will call the doctor on Tuesday and try to get my son in.

6. I decide to have my monthly lab work done since I am at the doctor’s office anyway but guess what? They cannot find my file. Apparently they tell me I have to come back on Thanksgiving to do my labs. Thanksgiving? Really? Even if the lab were open, I am guessing that getting labs done would not be high on my list of priorities.

7. I get mad again. I turn red. They quickly find the file.

8. I go home with one livid kid as he now has to make up two exams and all the work he missed in class.

So today feels like a Monday to me, and after only 10 minutes on the road, some idiot guy rolled down his window and spat on my car! How rude! Isn’t spitting banned in some cities? He may have intended to spit elsewhere but hello!!! We are in traffic Einstein.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest… I feel a bit better. Some days you just want to stay in bed. I will be better after lunch because a co-worker and I will be going for chips and salsa.

10 thoughts on “Feels Like a Monday”

  1. How awful! I don’t know what I’d be most upset about, the poor customer service, or the spitting. Because the spitting is just gross.

  2. What a crappy morning! That’s so maddening about the doctor’s office. Ugh. Hope you got a big margarita to go with your chips and salsa.

  3. Man that stinks…I would probably send that doctor’s office a bill for your time! Just remember…tomorrow can only get better from there.

  4. Ti, I’m so sorry you had such an awful day. I can’t believe that customer service-that’s ridiculous and the spitting-well that’s a whole other story. That is past disgusting and rude!

  5. Ti, OMG! That is so rude and as Tyler would say, “That’s disgusting mom”. Here is a funny to make you smile – this is what my 3 1/2 yr old says when dad does a stinky. I hope today, Tuesday, is a better day – Doctor appts stink either way.Love ya Karen

  6. Ugh.. that does sound like a Monday. Hope the air clears up more and more. Labs on Thanksgiving? Who are they kidding? Take Care

  7. Ugh! What a horrible day for you and the family! You were smart to address it with the patient advocate, and not just let it fester. Were you able to get in earlier?

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