The Week Ahead: November 17-23, 2008

Are you ready for the holidays? Getting ready? Thinking about getting ready? I am doing a little at a time and making progress but I know I will be the one searching for stuff when the time comes. I am notorious for losing things after I’ve purchased them.

BTW, if you haven’t entered my giveaway of Pretty Monsters, you can do so here.

Monday, November 17, 2008 – As of this writing, I am not sure if I will make it into work. The roads are still partially closed due to the wildfires and since I have to take Kidlet #1 to the doctor around noonish, I may not be able to get in and back in time. If that is the case, I will most likely have to work from home. I started Who By Fire and look forward to reading some more of it during my son’s rehearsal tonight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 – Teaser Tuesdays today. Not much else going on. I plan to hit the local gourmet food store at lunch to pick up some stuff for Thanksgiving. I should have some quiet time tonight so I hope to start Forever Lily.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 – Co-teaching a PowerPoint class today. Yoga at noon. Thank you for all your comments last week regarding my yoga instructor. The thing is, she is a student who is still learning herself and she is overly eager. She means well but sometimes pushes her students too far. We all remind her that we are older, not twenty-somethings like her. She’s slowly getting the point. No rehearsal tonight so that will give me more time to finish Who By Fire.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 – Today is Book Club Girl’s on-air radio show with Diana Spechler who will be discussing her book Who By Fire. If you want to tune in to the radio show, click here for more info. Diana sent me an email and offered to do an interview! My first one! Not sure when that will post but it will probably coincide with my review of the book.

Friday, November 21, 2008 – Co-teaching a class today. I also have a very important meeting scheduled at the same time. Not sure how that happened or what I am going to do about it. I have a union lunch at noon. I’ve never been to one before but it should be informative with the state budget being the way it is. Hopefully I will have a review or two posted later today.

The Weekend – Saturday morning, my daughter has a birthday party to go to. I’ll bring a book with me for sure because it’s 2.5 hours long. Lots of sitting around and watching otherwise. Sunday, I really just want to stay at home. I want a “lazy” day that requires me to do nothing but sit around. I know it will be hard with the kids but I am going to try. That means I have to get all my Thanksgiving errands done on Saturday so my Sunday is free.

What do you have planned this week?

7 thoughts on “The Week Ahead: November 17-23, 2008”

  1. I remember the days of always having a book with me because I did so much waiting for my son. I wonder if he’ll every appreciate it.

  2. Whew, sounds like you have a busy week! I have a pretty quiet week work-wise, and we don’t have any plans on the books for the weekend yet, so I’m hoping it will stay that way. I need a few days to just do nothing!

  3. I am not ready for the holidays! I am not hosting Thanksgiving and need to bring something so I need to figure that out. I hope that you are not directly affected by the wildfires..I’ve seen how devastating it is on the news. I always bring a book when I wait for my son…it’s a mom thing!I just started reading Who by Fire also and plan to join the book club girl discussion. Congrats on your first author interview!Have a great week!

  4. Ti – Diana Spechler was so fun to correspond with when she wrote a Spotlight post for me. Very nice (and a great sense of humor). I’ll look forward to your review.I feel for everyone in S. Cal. affected by these horrendous fires – is the air really bad where you are?Oh, you inspired me to go back to yoga (I’ve been “out” since an injury in June … It’s been so hard to get back to it all – I was doing yoga, swim, bike, run). Anyway, I went to a class on Friday and on Sunday – thanks!Have a great week!

  5. I always TELL myself I’m going to get a bunch of reading done while waiting for practices, etc. or parties but I am too much of a chatterbox I guess, because I end up talking to other parents the entire time.I’m glad you’re giving yoga another chance, Ti.Shana< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Literarily<>

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