The Freshman Common Reading Panel

The university that I work for created the Freshman Common Reading program a couple of years ago. It’s sort of like the “One Book/One City” promotions that we see in our local libraries. A panel reviews books that have been nominated and then discusses the pros and cons to each book. In addition to selecting the book, the panel also decides how the book will to taught to incoming freshman.

I sent in a nomination and was asked to be on the panel! Here is a link to the list of books that are in the running for next year. The panel is made up of faculty, staff and students so it promises to be an interesting process.

2 thoughts on “The Freshman Common Reading Panel”

  1. This sounds like a great program!On your list I’ve only read *The Color of Water* and *Three Cups of Tea* (this one I’ve reviewed … love the concept of what Mortenson’s doing, did not like the style of Relin’s writing, I thought it detracted from the story) I’d like to read *Mountains Beyond Mountains* which I understand has similar themes to *Three Cups of Tea*Will you post an update and let us know what titles the University selects?

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