Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life

I was really looking forward to Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life, by Steve Martin. I met Steve Martin when I was 7 years old. This was during the filming of The Jerk and I remember thinking afterward what an interesting life he must lead. I was anxious to read more about him and hunkered down with his book on a flight to Vegas.

The flight was short and so was the book. I breezed through it in no time and was disappointed that he spent so little time on the big milestones of his career. His appearance on SNL (Saturday Night Live) really put him on the map (for me) and he spent very little time on that. Hardly mentioned The Jerk at all and that was a big movie for him at that time.

Although I found the tidbits of info interesting..they were just that, TIDBITS and left me wanting more. I did not get a good feel for who he is now and he is now an accomplished author, playwright, etc. So much was left unsaid.

Anyway.. Steve Martin fans will enjoy it, but will end the book wanting more.


4 thoughts on “Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life”

  1. I heard similar things about this book. I hope one day he’ll write a full-fledged autobiography, but I do hear that he is a very private, modest person and may not feel that he wants to divulge much more than he has in Born Standing Up. Hard to say…

    P.S. I’m new to book blogging & have enjoyed reading your posts. I’m going to start following :o)

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to blogging! I’ve met so many great people through blogging. I’m sure you will too.

      I didn’t have much time to check out blogs this weekend but I am bookmarking yours so that I can visit tomorrow 🙂


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