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Colorado Here We Come!

Our summer vacation is almost here! We are heading to Denver and Boulder. We plan to hit all the museums, zoos, and shopping! One trip that I am looking forward to is a trip to the the famous Tattered Cover Book Store in historic LoDo. I love to visit book stores in other states. I always walk away with some unknown treasure.

Another trip I am excited about is the Celestial Seasonings tour in Boulder. Yep, the tea company! We’ll tour the facility, sample some teas and have lunch. The kids will love that!

There is also a ton of shopping between Denver and Boulder. I plan to hit all the spots but I am more of a window shopper than anything. I just like seeing all the different stores and walking amongst the locals. It will be my son’s birthday next week too so we’ll be celebrating his birthday while we are there. My husband is taking him to WaterWorld and a Dodger game and my daughter and I will be taking in the local color. I cannot be in the sun so we we’ll be splitting up activites on some days in order to get it all in. We plan to celebrate his birthday at Casa Bonita. This restaurant has cliff divers! No joke!

I won’t be online while I am gone (which will probably drive me crazy) but I have a few posts scheduled throughout the week so check back for updates. This is what I am taking with me to read:

Special Topics in Calamity Physics, by Marisha Pessl

Septembers of Shiraz, by Dalia Sofer

Barefoot, by Elin Hilderbrand

If I finish all of these I will ask someone at the Tattered Book Store to recommend something. I can’t wait!

Back to Normal

The show closed last night. The kids were all amazing and we had a lot of fun backstage. It was a full week of long nights and lots of bad meals (eating on the go, etc.). Today is my first day back without rehearsal or running around so I am looking forward to actually cooking a meal tonight and not having to order one that has a number assigned to it.

Now that things are slowing down, I intend to catch-up on all my reading. Just about done with my book club’s pick for July. I’m also trying to figure out the itinerary for our vacation. We will be visiting Colorado (Boulder and Denver) and other than visiting the Tattered Cover Bookstore, I have nothing else planned! I better get on that too.

No rehearsals or scouts or PTO meetings. Whatever will I do with myself? Oh yeah.. still have to work. Wishful thinking.