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Review: The Complete Stories of Truman Capote

The Complete Stories of Truman Capote
By Truman Capote
Random House
September 2004

The Short of It:

This is a wonderful collection of stories. Meaningful and thought-provoking. Perfect for this time of year.

The Rest of It:

I really enjoy Capote’s writing. A book group friend of mine brought this for a book exchange one year, and it ended up in my lucky hands. I’ve been reading bits of it here and there for over two years now. It’s the type of book that you can pick up and put down and not really lose anything from it. Open to any page and you will be swept away. Some of the stories included are:

  • A Tree of Night
  • A Christmas Memory (my fave)
  • The Thanksgiving Visitor

You can actually purchase A Christmas Memory on its own and it would make a wonderful gift for a loved one. It’s about the love shared between two friends and is largely autobiographical. It’s touching and sad but wonderful too. It’s a gentle reminder of what’s special about Christmas. It’s my favorite story. I love it.

If you aren’t sure what to get for that picky reader this year, pick up this collection. You can’t go wrong. There is something for everyone here.

Source: This little beauty was won in a book exchange.