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Mystery Book Report

In a previous post, I mentioned that my son had an interesting book report project. He had to choose a mystery and then act it out with friends and family. That meant that we had to stage scenes, dress-up, etc. I was originally slated to be the “Gypsy” but my daughter wanted to get in on the act so I dodged that bullet.

He chose Fall Of The Amazing Zalindas, by Tracy Mack and Michael Citrin. It is Casebook #1 of the Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars series. He loved it. Check out some of the pics. I printed them in “sepia” tones but to share…I’ll use the color pics:

The Gypsy

The Dead Tightrope Walker

(okay, he is wearing an old Halloween costume but it works)

Sherlock Holmes
(my husband does not look like him and even has a beard so a shadow profile works here)

My son is 10 years old and he really enjoyed the story. I’m glad that his teacher made the project fun. There are lots more pics and now he has to put them together on a display board but overall, it was a fun project and it made reading fun!