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Cane River / Red River

Last night my book club met to discuss Cane River which I reviewed here. Although I appreciated the content, and the amount of research that went into it, I wasn’t impressed with the writing. I know that Tademy left the corporate world to work on this book, but it just didn’t grab me and I wanted it to, because I was interested in the women and their outcomes.

With that said, about half the group agreed that the writing could have been better, but overall they had many good things to say about the book and there was plenty to discuss. It was interesting, because many of the members felt that a little more of the male “voice” would have rounded it out a bit. I did not think that while reading it but perhaps that is what I was looking for. It was an interesting comment.

During the discussion, one of the members mentioned Tademy’s second book Red River. Red River tells the story of two different families and from the map I looked at, Red River is right next to Cane River. I wasn’t aware of this second book. Has anyone read it? So many of you liked Cane River, perhaps you’d be interested in Red River.