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Saturday Stuff: Movie Fun

My daughter and I went to an early showing of Kung Fu Panda. It was really good. The special effects were awesome. My son and I were supposed to see Wicked but he got grounded so our plans changed. He was not happy to have missed out on a movie either but that’s how the ball bounces! Maybe, if he is really good.. I will try to take him in July. That will give me time to read the book as the show was based on the novel.

In a couple of weeks, my son is in a production of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I am in charge of props and so I have been running around trying to gather up what we need. Whatever we don’t find we need to rent. It’s a lot of fun, but as production week approaches, things get a little bit crazy.

Sunday we may sign-up at the local community pool but not much else. Gas is too expensive to really drive anywhere and really, who wants to anyway?

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday.

Sex And The City (No Spoilers)

My friends and I celebrated a birthday on Saturday night by having dinner and then seeing Sex And The City. It was great! I didn’t realize how much I missed the series until I sat down in that theater. I have convinced myself that I need to buy the series on DVD now. There were lots of women there (as can be expected) but there were also a lot of guys there too. I was surprised at how many couples were there actually..even though my husband watched the series with me.

For those that have not seen it..go see it! You won’t be disappointed.