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Review: Fever Dream

Fever Dream Book Cover 

Fever Dream
By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Grand Central Publishing
May 2010

The Short of It:

A solid addition to the Special Agent Pendergast series. It contains all of the witty anecdotes that I’ve come to expect from Pendergast, but it’s also a bit of a page-turner.

 The Rest of It:

I have a long-standing love affair with Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Years ago…I picked-up Relic, which was book #1 in the series and since then, I’ve been enjoying the series every couple of years. There have been a few misses, so I consider these books guilty pleasures and nothing more. However, every once in a while I am reminded how good they are. This is one such case.

Fever Dream is about Special Agent Pendergast and his discovery that his wife’s death, years ago, may not have been the accident he imagined it to be. You see, he knew she was mauled by a lion while game hunting in Africa, but what he didn’t know is that his wife’s rifle, her only means of protection, was filled with blanks.  With this new piece of information, he sets out to find the true killer.

What makes these books special are the characters. Pendergast is a rather refined individual. Not your typical FBI agent. There are lots of asides and witticisms that are quite enjoyable. On the other hand, D’Agosta, his liaison in the police department is not as refined and a bit more stereotypical so the contrast between the two is quite entertaining.

Overall, Fever Dream was a quick read and provided a much-needed distraction but wasn’t all “fluff” and pat endings. If you shy away from crime fiction because of the million little details or mystery because of the formulaic quality of it, then I think you will like this one.

It should be noted as well, that it really doesn’t matter which order you read these books in. They are all pretty much stand-alone pieces.

Source: Purchased for Duckie (My Kindle)

Guilty Pleasures

As far as your reading, do you have any guilty pleasures? There are times when I do not want to analyze anything but want a good, tight storyline that keeps me interested. These are typically books that I would never pick up otherwise. Not because they are not well written, but just because they are so different than my typical tried and trues. That sounds like an awkward statement, “tried and trues” but that is what I call them.

One of my fave indulgences is any book by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They’ve written many books together and I’ve liked all of them. Some more than others but as a rule, they are pretty consistent. The first book I tried was Relic. It was later made into a really bad movie but I loved the book. I later enjoyed Riptide and Mount Dragon. Both of which were good.

Another indulgence is anything by Dean Koontz. My fave being Watchers which was also made into a horrible movie with Corey Haim of all people. UGH! What’s up with all the horrible movie adaptations?

‘Fess up. What are some of your guilty pleasures as far as reading is concerned?