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THE Book is Out!

Stephen King
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Good storytelling is why I keep coming back, but big releases like this give me the shivers and they have nothing to do with the genre he writes for! Yes! King’s new book, Doctor Sleep was released today and everyone I know seems to be reading it right now and here I am at work!

I had grand plans to take the day off but they just didn’t pan out so I fired up my Kindle and loaded it up. I’ve been glancing at it off and on all morning but I am looking forward to lunch so I can really dig in.

Doctor Sleep

There are still readers out there that do not know that this is the sequel to The Shining. His first sequel!! This is a huge deal. Oh, and to make it even more fun, I am reading it with others for a read along (#sleepalong). Details can be found here.

Doctor Sleep Read Along

Tonight, The Girl will be singing and dancing her heart out for Oliver auditions and I will be going nuts in the car waiting for her, but at least I’ll have this to read! Break a leg, sweetie! Oh, and good luck to The Teen who auditions tomorrow.