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Our Weekend at D-Land!

This past weekend we celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth! He looks all happy in this photo but he was NOT happy at all because I forced him to wear his Happy Bday button. It’s D-land! It’s okay to be silly. Every time a cast member called out “Happy Birthday,” my husband would turn and glare at me. It was great fun.

My daughter and I being silly. I am never in photos because my husband and son always cut my head off so I always have to take photos of myself. I thought this one was pretty good.

The weather was perfect on Saturday. Overcast but slightly warm. My son is at the age where he thinks his mom is completely lame taking so many photos so he makes faces like this one. I told him that if he didn’t smile it would end up on the Christmas card this year. I don’t think he smiled. Do you?

We lucked out at D-land. We got on most everything within 5-10 minutes with the exception of Indiana Jones but we were so jazzed that our daughter was tall enough to go on the ride this time that we didn’t mind the 45 min wait. I think fears of the flu, along with the gloomy weather kept the attendance numbers down. I was so happy the day went well.

At the end of the day we went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner but it was impossible to get photos there. Our table was between two large parties and every time I tried to take a picture, someone walked by or I was in someone’s way. It was not working but we had a great dinner and a fun time.

The next day we headed to California Adventure. My son wanted to ride the new Toy Story Mania ride so we headed for that first.

Once again, the “Mom, you are lame” look. It’s tough being so cool, isn’t it? What he doesn’t know is that I secretly love to take pics like this. I put them on the blog, on Facebook and share them with all his friends.

All that’s missing in this photo is the sparkly gleam from her teeth. So happy and this is after waiting in line for the new Toy Story Mania ride at California Adventure for well over an hour. In all honesty though, she is not always happy but I always forget to take photos of her meltdowns.

On Sunday, the weather was warm and it was packed with Goths. Yep, there was some sort of Goth convention and so there were quite a few interesting characters to distract me from the theme park fun. However, the crowds made it impossible to get on anything so I became totally infatuated with this big hole in the ground. This section of California Adventure is under construction. They are adding a new water feature called the World of Color and adding a bunch of new overlays to the existing rides. I believe the sign said that construction would be done around 2011 so this one is going to take awhile.

We tired of the crowds quickly and headed to the La Brea Bakery for lunch, did a little shopping and then headed home. Overall it was a really fun trip. I think my husband had a good time too.

It’s a Small World..Not

You’ve been to Disneyland, right? Well one of the original rides, It’s a Small World has been closed for a couple of months now for refurbishment. Every once in awhile you see this. Usually for maintenance purposes although that is not always the case. Remember Pirates of the Caribbean? Remember how they added the Jack Sparrow character after the popularity of the movie? They also did this to The Haunted Mansion. I think they did a pretty good job with both.

This time around, they are refurbishing Small Word to accommodate the ever-growing population. Meaning, our bigger butts! Yes! They are adding newer boats or gondolas to accommodate more weight. I know the stats are true, but I am shocked that Disney would admit to this. “You are all getting fatter so now we need bigger boats”. ACK!

I suppose this means the ticket prices will go up again. Actually, they go up every year..did you know that? By the time my kids are in their twenties, I suspect it will cost about $160 per person and the adult tickets will include any child over the age of 5. I mean, right now they consider a 10 year old an adult. My son loves that. “Hey Mom! I’m almost an adult!”. Yeah right.

How can one stay away though? The sights and sounds of Main Street alone are enough to make me wanna buy a ticket right now. The candy apples, the rock candy from the Candy Emporium, the Funnel Cakes from the Space Station. OK, I see how we all got the bigger butts! It’s a vicious cycle. Spend more, eat more.. install bigger boats!

Kind of makes me want to walk a couple of miles tonight..but it also makes me want a funnel cake.

P.S. We are going to Disneyland in April.