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Catch-Up-a-Thon: Saturday @ 5:00pm

I am writing this update right around 5:00pm but as I understand it, posts are taking a long time to hit Google reader today so you may not see this until several hours later. Oh well, what can ya do?

I have been reading The Danish Girl for the past couple of hours and it’s an interesting read but it feels rather naughty. It’s strange and uncomfortable but compelling at the same time. It’s my pick for book club and I think there is going to be plenty to discuss. However, right now I am going to take a break and try Skeleton Creek. Patrick Carman initially offered to send me an ARC but I never received it so he was nice enough to send another copy.

On a food note the spaghetti sauce is cooking away and the natives are getting restless so I am going to read a bit, have dinner and then pick up again once the kids are in bed. Thanks for the comments and a special thanks for the cheer/comment that I received from Softdrink.

Catch-Up-a-Thon: Saturday @ 2:30pm

Alrighty then. On with the “thon.” I finished The Day The Falls Stood Still and I loved it! I will write up the review closer to the release date (September) but it was very unique and I loved the characters. I have a Q&A coming up with the author so I am gathering my thoughts and hope to come up with some good questions.

After taking a quick break to assemble my spaghetti sauce for the stove, I decided to have a little snack. Doesn’t that donut look delish? It’s what the Hub bought. I looked at it longingly and even took a picture of it. It’s not a danish but sitting next to The Danish Girl I am pretending that it is.

Instead, what I had for a snack was a bowl of green bell peppers and some string cheese. If you are a Game On‘er you’ll get my affinity for string cheese. Anyway…off to get cozy with The Danish Girl.