Catch-Up-a-Thon: Saturday @ 2:30pm

Alrighty then. On with the “thon.” I finished The Day The Falls Stood Still and I loved it! I will write up the review closer to the release date (September) but it was very unique and I loved the characters. I have a Q&A coming up with the author so I am gathering my thoughts and hope to come up with some good questions.

After taking a quick break to assemble my spaghetti sauce for the stove, I decided to have a little snack. Doesn’t that donut look delish? It’s what the Hub bought. I looked at it longingly and even took a picture of it. It’s not a danish but sitting next to The Danish Girl I am pretending that it is.

Instead, what I had for a snack was a bowl of green bell peppers and some string cheese. If you are a Game On‘er you’ll get my affinity for string cheese. Anyway…off to get cozy with The Danish Girl.

4 thoughts on “Catch-Up-a-Thon: Saturday @ 2:30pm”

  1. I don't know the book "The Danish Girl" but as I am a quarter Danish, sounds like one I need to read.

  2. Doughnuts are icky
    Doughnuts are gross
    Reading is so much better for you
    So read another book, it won't make you morose.

    I think I'm out of cheering practice.

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