The Dreaded Tickle

Well, as much as I have tried to avoid it, I feel a bit of a cold coming on. That annoying throat “tickle” introduced itself late yesterday and although I nuked it with steady quantities of vitamin C and chicken soup.. the tickle remains. So this afternoon, since I felt whiney and cranky over losing the battle, I decided to get some Thai soup to “burn” it out of me .

Picking up my to-go order I was immediately irritated that my order was not ready upon my arrival. Again.. I was already cranky so this did not sit well with me. THEN, my Thai tea was not ready either. I mean come on, it’s T-E-A. After paying for my meal, the man working behind the counter gave me an origami rose. This rose was constructed from the paper wrapper of the straw that was sticking out of my styrofoam tea cup. How creative is that?? I immediately felt somewhat silly and then it dawned on my that happiness can be gained by such a simple thing. Shame on me for being so impatient.

I am keeping the rose and will think of it fondly as I moan and groan on the couch tonight. Oh, and by the way.. I never did pick up my book club book last night. I picked up a Dean Koontz page turner instead and then hit the sack early. The tickle, you know..

Till later,



This is my second attempt at “blogging” as the first was not that successful! I am hoping this attempt goes much better.
I am just now coming down from a very stressful (yet enjoyable) week so it’s time to take a deep breath, get things in order.. and then figure out my calendar. I can’t function without my Daytimer and it has not been updated in I don’t know how long.
I have a monthly book club meeting this Thursday. I love this group but with all the stress of the previous month, I have not been able to read the book, which is “What is the What” by Dave Eggers. Although it has gotten off to a very good start, and I know it will be a good read (you can tell that right away), I have yet to get to page 50! I am way behind. since today is Tuesday, I have a day and a half to read as much as I can. We shall see.
Also.. today is SUPER Tuesday which means I must hit the polls tonight. My recent residential move must have something to do with the fact that I never received my absentee ballot. I may have to vote provisional. Ugh.
Tonight, scout meeting.. and me, on the couch with my book.
Till tomorrow…

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