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Do I Have Stupid Written On My Forehead?

I am trying to resolve an issue here at work and this “person” ( I use the word loosely), continues to skate around the issue and talk down to me as if I don’t know what I am talking about. Don’t you love that? I know perfectly well what I am talking about and am “in the know” quite often and if I don’t have a clue what I am talking about I surely would not advertise it.

So we had a little, verbal altercation.. yeah, that’s what it was. I am not a “sit and bite my tongue” kind of gal. Those that know me will firmly agree. People that resort to talking down to people usually have a very low self esteem and that is what I believe in this case. I like to tilt my head from side to side while this other person is talking, to mimic the UTTER confusion that MUST be going through my mind as I am simply not bright enough to comprehend what is being said to me. Then, when least expected, I go off. I mean, OFF.

Now I am all crabby and that is what bothers me the most. I think a trip to REI is in order. For some reason that store always puts me in a good mood. I think it is the anticipation or expectation of going somewhere..anywhere to get away from this place. All the backpacks, the hiking maps.. makes me want to drop whatever I am doing and go on a walkabout.

One hour later.. I went to REI and bought a new SIGG water bottle. You know.. “Go Green!”. Sometimes a small purchase perks you up. I feel perky now.


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

A bit of backstory first.. right around Christmas Eve of this past year, we had a huge wind storm and part of a very large tree came crashing down. Actually, it must not have crashed that loudly as it came down when I was home and didn’t even know it! A friend called me on her way home and told me it was blocking the street. Long story short, the city came to take it away, but said that the remaining part of the tree (which was huge) would have to be taken down and it looked like it was on our property line.

Of course, I began to worry about this for many reasons:

  • It could come crashing down on a kid walking home from school, or a car driving by.
  • It would cost quite a penny to have it cut down and hauled away and with it being Christmas time, my accounts were a bit (how shall I say it) s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d.
  • It could come crashing down onto the house which we just bought 7 months ago.

So the city told us that they would review the property lines and let us know whether the tree was our responsibility or our neighbors. You see, the property line in that one spot, is zig-zagged somewhat. So we waited, We emailed. We called. No response. No news is good news right? Well, after many weeks the tree remained intact.

In the meantime, there was THE rain storm of all rain storms for these parts and several storms that blew through with wind gusts upward of 60mph. I had nightmares about the tree crashing down. Yet the tree still stood.

So the other night I am sitting home, watching TV and my husband comes in and says…”Did you notice what was missing in the front yard?”. I thought he was referring to my garden flag that keeps blowing off the damn pole so he asked me again. You know how husbands can be when they want to surprise you with something. They drag it out. So I hoist myself off the couch and wander over to the living room window and lo and behold.. the tree is gone!

Let me repeat. The tree is gone. Where did it go? How could I have come home, gotten out of the car, walked up to my door and not noticed that a very large tree was missing from my front yard? I must be losin’ it. I have no idea who took it down or when.

Now here is a picture of my house. See all that lovely shade to the left there?? That was from the tree. The place looks completely different now. Although I am glad the Tree Fairy took care of the job, I am thinking I may have to plant something in its place as it is going to be a long, hot summer. Don’t you think?

Ti (who will try to be more observant next time)