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My Latest Obsession

Okay.. so this is my latest obsession. The MacBook Pro. My employer purchased one for me, but it is being held hostage by the “powers that be” and I want it now! Supposedly, they have to set it up blah blah, you know how that works. It has been here for over 2 months and I decided that later today, I plan to pick it up regardless of whether or not it is ready for my use. I know, I am a rebel at heart!

It’s almost Friday. Thank gawd. I know I say that every week but that is how I feel. Later today I have a class to teach and then I can unwind a bit. I am just exhausted as my little one had trouble going to bed last night and that means Mommy is running on half a tank. I cannot be responsible for my actions when I am not running at full throttle.

Also, my son did very well with his Toastmaster’s speech the other day. His speech was “informative” and he chose to talk about the Titanic. The perfect topic for an “almost 10 year old boy”. Death, destruction and it was made into a movie. Gotta love that. I think it is great that our school district gets kids talking in front of their peers at such an early age. Public speaking is an acquired skill that can only benefit them down the line. Kudos to the school district!

Till tomorrow..


Ugh..Old Age

Every once in awhile I throw my back out. Not the major “Help! I can’t get up!” type blow out but the simple, everyday.. “reach for something” type of pull. I managed to do this this morning while reaching for shampoo. Yes, shampoo! We are talking a mere 20 ounces when full, but the bottle was half you do the math.

Now..they say that this happens when you do not have a strong “core”. Well, I have been doing sit-ups and as miserable as I look doing them, I believe I am doing them correctly. What I did not factor into the equation was my age. Could it be, that age has something to do with it? The horror! Please tell me this is not so. Please?

I have been told by some of my co-workers, that once you hit the big FOUR-O, that everything begins to fall apart. However, they tell me that once it does, in a few years everything seems to come back. How can that be? I think maybe they just don’t remember how they were before the fall-out. I know. I know.. don’t make memory jokes. Ok. What was I saying??

Anyway, as the big FOUR-O approaches, this is what I ponder as my back aches (endlessy, I might add). I have made a vow to try and stay positive. There is a strong core down the road for me yet. Just let me put my glasses on so I can see it.