Five Winter Survival Faves (#AMONTHOFFAVES)

The Desert

It’s a winter themed post so why the blue sky? Because I live in California and this IS winter for us. Sure, it might be a chilly 58 degrees but this is typically what the weather is like during the Rose Parade and probably the reason for all of our population woes! I lied about the temp, my weather app says 83 right now!

These guys, Tanya @ Girlxoxo and Andi @ Estella’s Revenge posted about their winter essentials so I figured I would too even though mine are not critical for survival in the balmy California air.

Satsuma Body Butter by The Body Shop. I love this stuff! I love the smell of it (smells like a freshly peeled orange) but I also love what it does for my skin. I use the body butter as a hand cream. It’s a crisp, fresh scent but I think it would be too strong if I covered my body in it.

Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rum Raisin. This color has been around for AGES! It’s the color I wear during the cooler months because of my pale skin! With paler skin, and the dark hair, I look a little sickly if I don’t have a pop of color. Too much color I look like a vampire but this color is just enough to make me look alive.

Charity Pot cream by Lush. They reformulated this product but you can still get the original if you ask for it. Anyway, this product (as a moisturizer) did not work for me. It actually dried my skin out which is why I then started to use it as a face cream and by doing that, I somehow blotted out my oily skin and now my skin is normal! No kidding! I smooth it on at night and somehow it balances my skin out and I no longer have oily skin complaints. Weird, huh? I love it. Plus, it smells like Tootsie Rolls which is a nice scent to fall asleep to.  A bonus, 100% of the price (minus taxes) goes to grassroots organizations which are listed on the lid so you get to choose which one to support.

Candles. Oddly enough, during the winter I like to smell beachy scents like Yankee’s Beach Holiday.

Jammies!! I live in the them. Victoria’s Secret Dreamer Flannel PJs are super wearable and get better with wear! I own three pair and they are well-worn and loved but it’s time for some new ones!

What are your faves for winter?

15 thoughts on “Five Winter Survival Faves (#AMONTHOFFAVES)”

    1. Lush!! I once put some body conditioner on in the store, thinking it was lotion and it made my skin so soft alllll weeeeek lonnnng!! I find that a lot of their stuff can be used may ways. Lush can be pricey but I love the smell of the place. I wish they’d get bigger stores. Too small of a space. I need room to experiement.

      Rum Raisin by Revlon is the best and under $5 at Walmart. It’s a nice matte finish.

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  1. Body Shop soaps and lotions smell so gooood! When my son was around 2, he tried to eat one of the soaps because it smelled like strawberries and he thought it was food. I had cute little teeth marks in my soap.

  2. How could I forget about flannel pajamas! I don’t think I could survive cold winter nights without them – and flannel sheets. They’re going on my list for next year.

  3. I use Smith’s Minted Rose Balm as my lip balm go to OR Bert’s Bees lemon cuticle cream (which I have asked them to repackage as body butter!) And, I have just discovered Verbena Lavender products at Crabtree and Evelyn. Used to be a Nantucket Briar girl, but I really like the citrus/floral combo and the body lotion rocks! I cut up a bar of soap and put pieces in my drawers so my clothes smell good too

  4. Love Lush and The Body Shop but I use lots of keihl’s in the winter…love their hand cream, face wash and lip balm! I use deep red lip stains during the winter. Nars anything is my fave.

    Jammies! I love them and hit TJ Maxx for stretchy ones. I don’t like matching sets so I will toss on a VS sleep shirt over them.

    Love fingerless gloves and wrist warmers in the winter! Beanies…and infinity scarves! And Ugg’s…

    1. The new version, which they don’t advertise but it’s definitely different, has more floral notes in it. More orange blossoms, I guess. Which works better. The orange essence but not smelling like a peeled orange. I just had someone comment on it. Plus a tiny dab goes a long way. It makes me happy.

  5. I stick with good old-fashioned cocoa butter in winter for my hands and body. My face I try to avoid moisturizing because I break out so badly these days. I have been having great luck with something I got as part of my latest Birchbox. Then again, our weather has been so wet and warm. Perhaps it is just that which is helping. Who knows?

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