The Pet Sematary Read Along: #gangstercats

Pet Sematary Read Along
Because I am absolutely, without a doubt, THAT person who rushes around in the mornings, I managed to damage my cornea with a hair brush. Yes! I tore that sucker right off my eyeball and cannot read, so it’s a good thing that I started Pet Sematary early because I probably can’t read for the rest of this week.

Jill @ Somewhere In a Book is hosting this read along. You can click on over for the details and sign-up officially, or you can check out the details here and decide on your own. I must say, I am surprised at how many of you expressed an interest but are a little afraid to drink the water. Do not worry. It is a scary book but you are reading it with friends, after all. This is THE BEST way to read King.

Here’s the important stuff straight from Jill:

  • Instagram and Twitter hashtag: #gangstercats (hey, I was trying to keep it short and silly). Most of you know that I am usually on Instagram (@jilllora), and I will do my best to keep up on twitter (@JilleeBeene), but you’ll have to cut me a little twitter slack since I haven’t been on in 2 years.
  • read at your own pace, post/tweet/instagram/scream whenever you feel like it
  • I’ll put up a check in post at the end of March and again on April 15th. And if you’ve posted thoughts on your blog, I’ll link to everyone’s posts later in April (just in case you’re a slacker poster like me, I’m giving you some time to get that post written).
  • If anyone wants to watch the movie instead of read the book, more power to you. You’re still welcome to join us…I’d love to know how cheesy the movie is! Bonus points (but no kitty treats) if you read AND watch.
  • Go here for more info.

Not so important but my Twitter handle is @TiBookChatter in case you want to chat but if you use the hashtag #gangstercats in all of your Tweets, we can search on that key term and see everything that’s been posted.

So for the die-hard readers who signed up early and who know how freakin’ excited I was about the read along, it may be a few days because you see a Tweet from me. The pain has subsided a little but the sight in that eye has not returned.

Hope you can join us.

15 thoughts on “The Pet Sematary Read Along: #gangstercats”

    1. I guess it’s pretty common but I had no idea how painful it can be. I hope your niece recovers quickly.


  1. I had no idea that you could tear that cornea right off so easily, but I have a phobia about things near my eyes. I tend to keep away from things that are near the eye as much as possible. I hope that you start feeling better and that your recovery is smooth.

    1. Well, I gouged six holes in it first, the cornea ripped off later. I didn’t know that something would actually tear off later. They gave me no pain meds either. Horrible. I still can’t see out of that eye.


  2. Seriously – with a hairbrush. My word, woman! So sorry and I’m sure it is very painful, not the least being not being able to read. Good luck with your Pet-a-long. I read this book many, many moons ago. Don’t think I’ll do it again. It may change your view about animals for a bit. LOL

    Take care, Ti!

    1. I know. So random! It really did a number on my eye though. I still have limited vision in that eye. I think it was because I thought my glasses were on and they weren’t.


    2. Oh, and I’ve read Pet Sematary at least twice before this but the details… a little sketchy.


  3. It sounds so, so painful. I am very squeamish when it comes to anything to do with the eyes, and every time I think of you and that hairbrush, I shudder. Then send you good thoughts. Then shudder some more. I hope the vision returns to that eye soon.

    1. I wear safety goggles now when I blow dry my hair. Not kidding. I do not want to ever do that again. Eye is improving every day. Vision is probably 75% back,


    1. I didn’t know corneas could heal like that either. As soon as the torn part sloughed off, I felt much, much better. My vision hasn’t returned fully to that eye though which has me a little concerned.


    1. I did rest over the weekend but I have stuff going on at work that I came in for so it’s nearly impossible to rest the eye in this place. I’m trying not to look at extra stuff like my phone, etc.


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