It’s Finally Here!

Colorless Tsukuru and his Years of Pilgrimage

It’s here! It’s here! Well, not really. I have yet to buy the hard copy but the library surprised me by sending me the eBook last night at 9pm! I bet you know what I was doing before bed. Yes!! I read a chapter or two for sure and then this morning I read a bit more.

Early thoughts:

Slightly different writing style (could be the translation)
Characters are starting off strong

I actually prefer paperback versions but the first edition hard covers have a sticker sheet so you can design your own cover. Think I can snag one? We’ll see. There is even a sticker competition! Click that link if you want to see the cover up close and personal. By the way, if you are using Chrome, that video may not play. I can’t get it to play on my end but it works in the other browsers. Just thought I’d mention it in case you are unable to open it.

The quote card contest didn’t pan out for me but I did apply to be a book ambassador. I have high hopes that I will be chosen. Crossing fingers.

Are you reading it today too?

17 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here!”

    1. Same author who wrote Norwegian Wood, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and 1Q84. He’s written a lot more but those are the popular ones. He’s huge in Japan but his last two books were very popular in the US and this one was highly anticipated. I have been waiting for the US translation for almost two years!


    1. The stickers are pretty cool but only come with the first editions. I am going to go tonight but I am not sure how many printings they’ve done already. 


  1. We got it in at the library yesterday. It’s smaller than I expected! Hope you enjoy it all the way through! I still haven’t read his last, so don’t think I’ll get to this one right away either…

    1. It’s only 400 pages but did you mean the size of the book is small? I am going to the bookstore tonight to get a copy but the videos I have seen don’t show it next to anything so I have so perspective for size. 


  2. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this book blows your mind. And I’m sitting here wondering how one would cheat at a sticker contest, but if there is a way they will find it.

  3. I have to confess that I love the idea of the sticker sheet to make your own personalized cover. I know how much you like this author and hope the book lives up to your expectations!

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