Movie Watching: Aliens


Has anyone NOT seen this movie? It came out in 1986, several years after the first movie, Alien and it was one of those kick-ass movies that you could not get enough of. I’ve seen it many, many times but recently The Girl asked to see it. I did a “no-no” and had her see this one first. Mainly because it also stars a young girl and I thought she’d be able to relate to it better and perhaps, not be so scared while watching. I was right, The Girl literally cackled over Newt’s high-pitched screaming and in my opinion, this one has a lot more action than the first one.

Why am I even talking about this?

Well, I have been recording movies to watch this fall. Movies that count towards the RIP VIII challenge that I signed up for. And although this is not a horror movie per se, it’s definitely a thriller and full of suspense. There is a lot of action and chase scenes involving, small, tight spaces which really add to the tension. Plus, the acting is not bad. Bill Paxton is hysterical in his role as Pvt. Hudson. It’s a fast-paced roller-coaster of a ride and it’s always been a fave of mine.

RIP 8 Main
And maybe it was just me, but when I first saw this movie, I felt sure that we’d see Newt in another installment. Without giving anything away, there were opportunities for her to be, ahem, tampered with. That could have been the plan but it never panned out. Alien 3 was horrible, in my opinion. They should have just left it on a high note.

Have you seen it?

17 thoughts on “Movie Watching: Aliens”

  1. My sister is always asking me to watch these movies with her. She loves them! I like them as well, but I could do without seeing them again. Of course after reading your post, I’m thinking I could probably see the first one with her…hmmm. And I think its great you are sharing your love of 80s flicks with your daughter 🙂 Its cool to see how she reacts to them – makes you look at them differently I would think. Enjoy all the movie watching! And, I think that this one definitely does fall under R.I.P. VIII – oh, and thanks for reminding me that I planned on doing Peril the Screen as well 🙂

  2. I took my husband who was my boyfriend at the time. He kind of ignored me at the time we met, but he was slightly interested. I pleaded with him to go see it, because I saw Alien in college. I loved Alien and I figured he would also like Aliens. We went and it became his favorite movie. We watch it almost everytime it comes on.

    1. I remember when the movie came out. I remember where I saw it, and who I went with. I also remember thinking how awesome it was for a sequel. I even like it more than the first film.


    1. You must see it! I has strong female characters and a lot of suspense and tension and one of the best showdown scenes I can recall in movie history.


  3. I can say the exact same thing at theliterarylollipop – in fact I did, and then scratched it when I read her comment. lol. There are a few huge movies I can say it about. Like, The Shining, Jaws, Blade Runner (I think – is that the one with Mel Gibson?)

    1. It’s not that scary!! There are suspenseful moments and plenty of language but the fight scenes are great and since it’s only acid blood and not real blood somehow, it seemed less gory.


  4. I loved Aliens the first time and every time I find it on some random TV station. It’s totally a “R I Peril” movie. When will you let The Girl watch the first movie? I’m glad it worked out with letting her see Aliens first, but you are The Mom! I’m going to watch The Exorcist again for RIP Peril…can’t wait!

  5. I love this series of films. I watched Aliens when I was little, and it scared the heck outta me when the alien ripped through the guys stomach. Sigourney rocks these movies. I like that she’s bad-a$$ plus there’s sci-fi, action and horror in the mix. All good stuff.

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