Review: Cucina Povera

Cucina Povera

Cucina Povera
Pamela Sheldon Johns
(Andrews McMeel Publishing, Hardcover, 9781449402389, September 2011, 192pp.)

The Short of It:

This book includes super yummy, affordable comfort food. Perfect for those on a budget.

The Rest of It:

I am such a foodie. I read cookbooks like they are magazines and drool over all of the luscious photos. I was devastated (not an exaggeration) when I was forced to go gluten-free back in May. I love bread and pasta and when I learned that I’d have to skip those two items I just about fainted and then I realized that food is what you make of it. My life did not end at not having pasta and bread. I’ve found alternatives and although this cookbook is not a gluten-free one, I was able to adapt many of the recipes to satisfy the foodie in me and the photos are gorgeous!

The philosophy behind this book is not to waste anything that is edible. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tossed out a bunch of broccoli that turned brown at the bottom of the produce drawer, or that entire loaf of bread that went moldy because I insisted on buying the kind without preservatives and then promptly forgot to keep it in the fridge. This book helps use up all that stuff and includes recipes for appetizers, soups, main & side dishes and dessert!

Cucina Povera's Bread Salad

All of the recipes are simple and easy and don’t require any special gadgets or unusual ingredients. Many of the items you’ll find in your pantry. The photo above is Bread Salad, which I was able to throw together (using gluten-free bread) without having to buy anything!

Johns spent over 20 years collecting these recipes on her visits to Tuscany. I read this book in e-book form but now I want the actual book because it’s just so lovely.

Source: An e-copy was provided by the publisher via Net Galley.
Disclosure: This post contains IndieBound affiliate links.

14 thoughts on “Review: Cucina Povera”

  1. This book is quite lovely…I have it…it reminds me of the way my mom always said her mom cooked…and the photos are lovely….

  2. Use what you have on hand and not letting anything go to waste? Sounds like the perfect cookbook for my collection!

    We were down in your neck of the woods on Tuesday and I waved in your direction. Will wave again on Thanksgiving:) Since they are opening a Tommy’s down there, I feel the need to visit more often.

  3. I love a good cookbook with great photos. Thanks for showcasing this one. Looks good. Seems like everyone I know is having to eat gluten-free these days. Hard. But more options coming every day.

  4. I’m a foodie too. Good cookbooks make me happy and that’s before I start cooking from them. Bread Salad is new to me but it looks delicious. I’ll check this book out.

  5. My husband has always been a foodie, but I’ve just recently gotten into cookbooks. This one sounds great, especially with the way it teaches you to use all those foods that I would very likely toss! I’ll add this one to the list!

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