The Independent Literary Awards

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What is it?

The Independent Literary Awards are book awards given by literary bloggers. The Independent Literary Awards is currently in its inaugural year and will be presenting the winners for the 2010 calendar year in February of 2011.

What genres are included?

The genres that will be represented and receiving awards for 2010 are:

Literary Fiction
Speculative Fiction

How do I nominate a book?

Visit this site, select the genre you are interested in, and submit your nomination in the comment portion of the post.

Things to remember when you nominate a book:

-You must be a literary blogger; and a link to your blog must be provided so we can verify this. (You may not be the author, publisher, or publicist of the book you are nominating).

-You may nominate a book that has already been listed (the books with the most nominations will be what we add to the Long List).

-You may nominate books in more than one genre, but only one per genre and please make one of those genres Literary Fiction (gotta plug the category).

-Nominations close December 15, 2010.

So, Ti… why are you telling us about this?

Well, I love books but Lyndsey and I are judges for the Literary Fiction category and guess who’s on our panel?

Jill – Fizzy Thoughts
Matt – A Guy’s Moleskin Notebook
Meg – Write Meg
Melody – Fingers and Prose

They rock. Since we are the Literary Fiction panel. Here is our shameless plug button:

Lit Fic Nomination Button

Books matter. Reading matters. If you agree, share this on Facebook and Twitter and help us spread the word!

If you’d like to promote the event on your own blog, please use this button:

Indie Lit Award

It will be hard to determine one winner, but I can’t wait to see what makes the short list.

5 thoughts on “The Independent Literary Awards”

    1. You’re good! I can’t possibly read all that have been nominated. I am hoping that the short-list will be clear-cut based on reader response and then I can hunker down and read all of the titles for the short-list. Ti

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