Moby Dick Monday: December 28, 2009 (Week 7)

Welcome to Moby Dick Monday! This is where we read four pages a day and then post about what we’ve read. Consider it an adventure of sorts!

My Story Re-Cap:

The most notable chapter from this week’s reading had to do with the cabin table. Meaning, where the crew eats and in which order. As you can imagine, there is a certain order to meals. Captain Ahab heads down to the cabin first and is followed by Stubb and Flask. Once Ahab eats his full, and pushes his plate away…it is expected that Stubb and Flask do the same. Flask points out to us that this sometimes means that he never gets his fill! After these officers complete their meal, the harpooners, Tashtego, Daggoo and Queequeg are allowed to eat theirs and with the work that they are required to do, they eat their fill and then some!

One morning, Captain Ahab calls the crew up to the quarter-deck and gives them a pep talk like no other. He offers up a sixteen-dollar piece of Spanish gold to anyone that sees the white whale known as Moby Dick. It is explained at this time, that Moby Dick is the whale responsible for Ahab’s bone-leg. The crew is excited over this offer, but in private, they also believe that Ahab has lost his mind.

My Rambling Thoughts:

Melville has a bit of fun with this part of the story. One of the chapters is formatted like a screenplay. Although most of what was said in this format was forgettable at best, I did appreciate the change of format. It was a welcome change of pace.

Reading Along With Me:

Jill/Softdrink of Fizzy Thoughts
Jill of RhapsodyinBooks
Dar of Peeking Between the Pages
Eva of A Striped Armchair
Wisteria from Bookworm’s Dinner
Gavin from Page247 (will join us in mid to late December)
Claire from kiss a cloud (will join us in 2010)

For those that are participating, share your post links in comments. What do you think so far? Oh, and if anyone wants to join us just leave me a message below.

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