Friday Finds: Wisdom of the Last Farmer

Wisdom of the Last Farmer

Wisdom of the Last Farmer, by David Mas Masumoto

Friday Finds 

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 Here’s the blurb from the publisher: 

It was when David Mas Masumoto’s father had a stroke on the sprawling fields of their farm that the son looked with new eyes on the land where he and generations of his family have toiled for decades. Masumoto — an organic farmer working the land in California’s Central Valley — farms stories as he farms peaches. In Wisdom of the Last Farmer, an impassioned memoir of revitalization and redemption, he finds the natural connections between generation and succession, fathers and children, booms and declines as he tells the story of his family and their farm. He brings us to the rich earth of America’s Fruit Basket, under the vine trellises and canes where grapes are grown, and to the fruit orchards flush with green before harvest, where he uncovers and preserves the age-old wisdom that is fast disappearing in our modern, information-driven world — and that is urgently needed in this time of food crises and social disruption. 

In his gorgeous, lyrical prose, Masumoto conjures the realities of farming life while weaving in the history of American agriculture over the past century, encapsulating universal themes of work along with wisdom that could be gleaned only from the earth. By the end of the workday, he understands the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve done your best…and discovers that it’s when he lets go — of both his father and control of nature — that wisdom manifests itself. And, when Masumoto’s daughter intends to return to the family farm, hope is found in the generations. In the quiet eloquence of Wisdom of the Last Farmer, you will see how your own destiny is involved in the future of your food, the land, and the farm. 

I found out about this book while watching The Martha Stewart Show. Lately I’ve been interested in the organic movement and the need to buy local produce so this one really caught my eye.

What did you find this week?

13 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Wisdom of the Last Farmer”

  1. OK, my heart is doing little flippity flips after reading that synopsis. My dad is a farmer and has been all his life. I’ve watched him ruined by one season of drought, and seasons when he had a bounty crop. He will never retire….he will die in his field. But it ends with him. Neither my sister or I are prepared to take it over. I think I’ll have to read this one.

      1. Our address is Attica, Indiana (I say that like I still live there, but it will always be “home”). But really it is about 8 miles north of Attica, in the middle of nowhere! If you dig a little in my Facebook, I have pictures of their house they just built. When I go there, I never want to leave!

  2. This one looks awesome. I need to add it to my list. I’ve had a slow few weeks with books. I don’t know that I’ve found any new ones this week!

  3. My father grew up on a small farm in the U.P. Tough way to make a living but his family loved it.

    The cover is beautiful, I refuse to get an e-reader until they have color covers (The Nook has the mini touch screen but I don’t know if you actually get the cover in color when you download?)

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