Scene of the Blog – Today’s Feature is Me!

The lovely Cathy over at Kittling: Books has a wonderful, weekly feature called Scene of the Blog. Have you heard of it? Each week she features a blogger’s workspace and if you are anything like me, you like to see where all the action happens!

This week, she is featuring me! If you’d like to check out my blog space, do come by for a visit! Click here to stop by.

8 thoughts on “Scene of the Blog – Today’s Feature is Me!”

  1. I loved seeing your space! Even though you don't have windows, your office space looks nice and organized.
    PS–is anyone else having problems today with links to blogs in their blogger side bar. When I click on all of mine I am taken to a RSS feedburner page, or an add live link message screen. Oh dear–I hope it isn't just my blog, but that it is blogger's problem.

    Have a great day.

  2. No windows?!? I'm in a cubicle, but at least if I spin my chair and crane my neck I can see outside. Your home space looks remarkably like mine, though…I do all my blogging from my cushy chair.

  3. I commented there too but..
    Your set up is a lot like mine. At work I have a big desk that is usually pretty clear (at the end of day, anyway). At home I sit in a cushy chair with a laptop. I take Frances (the baby laptop) to my sewing desk but I don't usually blog on her.

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