My Rock Star Daughter (Video)

I was watching my daughter rock out the other night and it was cracking me up so I had her do it again for the camera. It’s a little long but the end is so classic. Also, I like the song but I realize that “My Life Would Suck Without You” is probably not an appropriate song for a 5-year-old to dance to but it was what I was listening to when she started to rock out. Don’t send the mommy police after me!


15 thoughts on “My Rock Star Daughter (Video)”

  1. Holy smokes she’s cute! I like how she slows down to sing the verses, then knows just when to pick up speed for the chorus. By the end she’s just jumping and then that grin!

    And I love that song.

  2. Wow, how cute is she? And I love the smile at the end! And I won’t judge you on the song–my daughter (age 4) rocks out to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, so someone’s probably sending the mommy police after me, soon…

  3. So sweet! I was just looking at some pics of a mom dancing with her daughter on another blog and thinking I need to crank up my stereo (and close my blinds!) and dance my blues away:)

  4. So cute! She’s probably more coordinated with her dance moves at 5 than I’m ever going to be. LOL! I loved the pose at the end.

    Regarding Genlte Reader’s comment: My four year old son has only heard Beyonce’s Single Ladies twice, (both times I changed the channel once I realized what was on) yet he somehow picked up the chorus. He goes around humming it all the time. It does have a catchy tune, but it drives me crazy after a while.

  5. Love it! I’ll have to show Kiddo when I get home – he loves it when he gets to see the people (and families) behind the blogs. 🙂

  6. She’s adorable! And don’t worry, my daughter’s favorite song when she was that age was Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law.” She just loved to rock out with the air guitar.

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  7. Oh my god, how adorable is she! I don’t normally watch videos on people’s blogs, but your daughter is just too cute! I love that pose at the end, and how she was singing along in the middle there!

  8. She is just adorable Ti! She looks like she’s having so much fun. She could be quite the dancer if she wanted to.

  9. I starred this in my reader earlier in the week and just made it back to watch it. So cute! Looks my niece when rocking out to Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows.

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