Guernsey Meeting Update

The other day I posted my review of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and as I mentioned in my review, I didn’t care for it too much. Although it was not an official pick for the book group that I belong to, many of us wanted to read it and so we met tonight to discuss it.

Of the members that came for the discussion, I would have to say that most were very pleased with the book. They found it to be a charming, pleasant read and they found the format to be very readable. Some agreed somewhat with my take on Juliet but they all agreed that the story pulled them in. However, there was one member who didn’t like the book at all but she didn’t come for the discussion so I have no idea why!

It is hard to be the only one who didn’t like it though. I ended up being “the hater” and really, my reaction to the book was not like that. It was just sort of …eh (insert shoulder shrug). Thanks to all that commented on the review. You all had such wonderful comments and I was so worried about getting slammed for not liking it.

4 thoughts on “Guernsey Meeting Update”

  1. That is the beauty of books, IMO. Not everyone will like a book and that makes for interesting discussions. I think it’s so important that you stick to your feelings and not be swayed by others and be honest. It is hard to be the only one who didn’t like the book but I’ve found that I can appreciate a book more after discussing it with others and hear their views on the book. I have found these type of discussions some of the most interesting in my book club.

  2. I like reading different perspectives on the same book. I thought everyone would hate my review for The Traitor’s Wife or The Kingmaking or even Follow Me

  3. I think that book discussions where not everyone agrees makes for a great discussion. If we all love a book or hate a book, there is no one there to challenge us on what we think. It’s no fun to be the woman on the outs, but you did your book club a great service by not caving to the majority.

  4. I personally loved it–part of it is that I love the epistolary style. But I would NEVER slam someone for not liking a book I like! I enjoyed reading your take on it and am sorry you ended up being the “hater” in the group!

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