The New 2009-10 Freshman Reading Comp Book is…

Some of you have been following my posts about the One Campus, One Book selection for the university that I work for. The decision meeting was today and I had to miss it! However, my feedback was part of the decision process and the panel decided to go with The Soloist by Steve Lopez. Some of you wanted to know the end result so I thought I’d share.

Personally, I would have gone with True Notebooks by Mark Salzman, but I am happy that one of the two I reviewed was chosen. I suspect that the movie tie-in had a role in the decision as well but I really enjoyed them both, just in different ways.

For my reviews, click here and here. It will be interesting to see how this book is discussed and if Steve Lopez will come to campus as a guest speaker.

4 thoughts on “The New 2009-10 Freshman Reading Comp Book is…”

  1. This book sounds like a great choice. I just got a copy in the mail from a friend and look forward to reading it. I first read about this book in our local Sunday paper as the man featured in the book is from this area.

  2. If the author were able to come to speak on campus it would certainly make the students more invested in their reading assignment!Maybe *True Notebooks* will be reconsidered next year …

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