Please Stop Me

My co-worker informed me of the book sale going on upstairs and this is what I was able to snag:
A Widow for One Year by John Irving
A Prayer for the Dying by Stewart O’Nan
Three Junes by Julia Glass
The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory
I have plenty to read and more coming in the mail. I don’t know why I go out searching for more books. Well I DO know why but when does it end? Or does it?
I have never read a Philippa Gregory novel before. Where does this one fall within the series? Is it the first book?

6 thoughts on “Please Stop Me”

  1. Ha ha, I did the same thing today in regards to book shopping. Looks like you got some good books, though.Well, in my opinion (and take this with a grain of salt), you managed to get the only Gregory book worth reading. It’s not a part of a series, per se. Rather, she’s written a few books on different personages around that time period. “The Other Boleyn Girl” is kind of a companion piece to the one you got….it was about Mary Boleyn, who was a sister to Anne Boleyn (the one who got her head lopped off by Henry VIII). So the one you picked up is also about the same time period, but from the viewpoints of several different historical people. How good it is depends on how much historical fiction you read. If you’ve never really delved into the genre, it’s a good way to spark interest in it and lead you to some really great writing by other historical fiction authors.I hope you write a review of it when you’re done…I’d really be interested to know what you thought about the book!

  2. It looks like you got some good ones. I’m the same way. My bookshelves are overflowing and I went out Sunday and bought more books. It’s a fun addiction, though.

  3. Ti, I’ve read The Boleyn Inheritance. I read The Other Boleyn Girl first. Michele is more of an expert in the genre than me, and Jennifer at The Literate Housewife is a huge Philippa Gregory fan too – you should pose this question to her. I enjoyed both books. A Widow for One Year – LOVED it, but I am a huge John Irving fan.

  4. Aha, I see that you too have succumbed to the lure of a book sale! Good finds! I’ve only read <>The Three Junes<>, which is good. (I should say, I remember enjoying it but at the moment I can’t remember what it was about!)

  5. The Boleyn Inheritance stands on it’s own. I’ve read several of Philippa Gregory’s books, this isn’t one of my favorites, but I do like this one.A Widow for One Year is great! I read it last year. I have a review somewhere… =)

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