Favorite Things

I don’t get to sit down for long chunks of time to read. No.. when I read, it is usually in short spurts because there is always a child that needs a bandaid or someone is desperately craving a fruit snack. Due to all of these distractions I have to use a bookmark. I refuse to fold the pages down. I learned long ago (in grade school to be exact), that folding a page could bring down the wrath of God.. almost as bad as creasing the spine of a book.

However, my bookmarks always go missing. I have been known to open up a book at book group, only to have a strip of toilet paper float out. Yes, I have used toilet paper before as a bookmark. I have also made my own bookmarks as I am into card making and no matter how pretty I make them, they go missing too.

A few months ago I found these bookmarks called LastLine. They clip onto the page and mark the last line read. I know you can use a paperclip, but paperclips distort the page whereas this bookmark does not. I love them! They come in packs of two and you can find them at Barnes & Noble. I’m happy to say, that I have not lost these yet and they are not attractive enough for my daughter to snatch from me.

I also love the Mark-My-Time bookmark. This bookmark records your child’s daily reading. My son has to read at least 30 minutes a day for school.. and then I ask him to read another 30 minutes so this timer comes in handy. You can find them at most bookstores or you can buy them in packs of 3 at Sams Club.

I’m for anything that will make my life a bit easier.

One thought on “Favorite Things”

  1. I know its bad, but I’m usually a “page-turner-downer” although I will also use whatever is handy. I was wondering about what other people do, so I put a survey up on my blog. If you get a chance, drop by and put your vote in!

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