Jury Duty

I am on “call-in” for jury duty this week so the rest of my week depends heavily on whether or not I’ll get called in. I like to people watch when I am on jury duty. Some people bring bags and bags of books with them. Others bring a crossword or too. Some people “wing it” and come completely empty handed. I, on the other hand, tend to always bring too much. I bring a book to read.. and a back-up book (just in case the first one stinks to high heaven). I have also been known to bring my daytimer. You just never know when you might need it. Oh, and I have been told by people here at work that I should bring my laptop so I can work from the courthouse.. yeah.. I think not.

It’s hard to know what book(s) to take with you though. Do I want a page turner? Maybe not. I might finish it too fast. What about a classic? Can’t really go wrong with a classic can you? Unless the pace is way too slow and you end up falling asleep next to the very strange man with no crossword or book to keep him occupied.

I guess I will get right on it and try to figure out what to take.

Or not.


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